Today We Remember

Below are animal friends that passed away on this day and for whom there are memorials on the Ralph Site.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page.

Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared to Facebook.


08/10/99 - 19/04/12

flint u were a truly faithful dog i loved you so much and miss u so much im sorry we had to have you put to sleep but we did as we promised and brought you home and buried you in your favourite part of the garden and put sandys ashes in with you so you wouldnt be on your own i talk to you every morning and say good night to you xxxxx

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Unknown - 19/04/05

its been 6 years now and although you had a lovely life and a painless death. doesnt mean i dont miss you. i miss your licks and the way you use to give and the way you use to nudge my hand for a fuss. but now your at rest just know i love you x

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27/04/96 - 19/04/13

To my beautiful, dear Holly. Words will never be able to explain how special you were to me, how much I love you, or how much I miss you. You were with me exactly half my life, and it will never be the same again without you. So until the day that we meet again, rest in peace. x x x

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Unknown - 19/04/12

We miss you so much Misty, it was so hard to see you suffering everyday and were glad you are at peace now and where ever you are please be happy, and I hope you and sally are looking after each other now, We love you very much xXxXxXxXxXxXx

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01/08/09 - 19/04/12

Always in our hearts. You will never be forgotten we will meet again on the bridge xxx

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Mr White

Unknown - 19/04/14

Mr White, my old soldier. You crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the grand old age of 18 on Easter Saturday. The house feels empty without you. RIP my best boy - you are always in my heart and will never be forgotten. xx

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19/03/15 - 19/04/15

So sorry we only had you 1 day. 4 weeks is so short a life, we loved you for that 1 day, I am happy you didn't die alone in the shelter.. RIP little guy. wish we had got a picture, i couldn't take one of your lifeless body though. I hope Tipper, Radar, Neo and Little one were there to meet you..

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