Pepsi 9/8/13 - 7/3/14

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#580 - by Serinne Curtis >> Sat Mar 8th, 2014 01:31 pm

I sat and stroked you for hours only you didn’t respond, you slept on my bed last night only there was no crawling down the quilt and curling up in my knees like you did every other night, there was no licking the backs of my knees, I missed you sitting on my face as the alarm clock went off with our little cuddle and the race to the kitchen trying to trip me up, there was no one at your place as they ate this morning, it’s not even been 12 hours and the gap is horrendous that you left. You didn’t try to beat me to the toilet seat this morning, and I had the loo roll all to myself.
You were born in my bedroom, I fostered your mum the night before you were born, you were a riggler, you mum was an outside cat so I used to leave the door open so she could come back in when she’d finished outside, the other 9 cats all came in to see what this squeaky little thing was so by 4 weeks you were already integrated into the house, you would come sit in the front room in the evenings and play with the others, I called you my demon kitty because you were into everything, you weren’t big enough to get out the cat flap but you learnt if you took a run and launched yourself you could get out, nothing was safe, we would laugh at you running down the stairs with a sock bigger than you in your mouth and between your legs, then you would hide it under the sofa with the other things you stole, you used to collect things and store them under the sofa. None of the other cats worked out how to get up into the back of the sofa so that when we sat down you could attack up with your paw, but you did. You would jump on the others so they would play with you, I’m going to miss that , going to miss wearing my tea because as I am about to take a sip you run all over me,
No more playing out in the wind and bringing me the litter that’s blowing around or the leaves, you used to bring me piles of leaves through the catflap so proud of yourself as you put them at my feet, the way you used to play with bottle tops on the tiles, pinch small tools, nails screws, pens Matts name badge for work. The fish will miss you, but at least my plant now has a chance of living
You were fascinated by ankles trying to always catch them specially as they were coming down the stairs, I always had to check the washing machine cause you loved to climb in it, there won’t be any more ladders up tree’s because you’ve climbed up and can’t get down, no more shooing you out the car before we go out, Chloe can go to school without having to run now because you’re not here to follow her anymore.
Your play friends sat with you last night they cleaned you, they pawed you to get you to jump on them but you didn’t your body still warm you were always so good about the road why was last night different, my heart is breaking we had you for nearly 7 months from the day you were born to last night already I notice a quietness around the house my little demon is gone, my heart is breaking, my morning routine no longer today I take you to the vet but I will be bringing your ashes home my sweet my little Pepsi cola my demon Kitten .
I always said that my cats legacy was they would make room for another unwanted cat but all my cats grow old Pepsi they are not ripped from me at 7 months I can’t replace you , I can’t imagine getting over you, I hope all my others met you at Rainbow bridge, I hope we meet again one day my sweet
My life with you is over I thought I had at least 20 years not only 7 months but I will never ever forget how much of a huge part you played in it xoxoxo
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So sorry to read about your loss, your Pepsi is at Rainbow Bridge, I know that no words can help how you are feeling, and I hope when the time is right, you can look back at the 7 months you had him with love, and also that he had 7months that he may not have had if you hadn't looked after his mum, years ago my sister rescued 2 kittens that had been dumped in a bin, she rehomed one on the way home and brought Dinky to live with us, and our dog. We had him a very short time, in that time he came walking with the dog, and we loved him, but like yours he went out and was killed on the road, we were devastated, in time we realised that we gave him some time that he wouldn't have had. You never replace a pet, you get another pet as your heart aches for another to fill the space and love you have for them. As you know you never forget them they leave their pawprints on our hearts and all our lovely memories.
Thinking of you at this sad time. x

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