cant get over him :(

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#633 - by Rachel Evans >> Mon Jun 9th, 2014 09:40 pm

it has now been 5 weeks since I had my dog Scooby pts , he was 12 and a half yrs old and I really thought I would have had several more years with him. IT all happened so suddenly and I cant come to terms with it, he was perfectly fine on the Wednesday, Thursday he was fine but not eating as much as normal, Friday he was being a little sick and by midnight Friday night he was struggling to get up on his back legs by Saturday morning he was virtually paralysed I rushed him to vets and he was hospitalised with xrays put on a drip and given steroids , all I was told was that the xray showed a slight change in his spine??? anyway he was no better on the sunday he was not eating still and he hadn't been the toilet he couldn't even wag his tail so the vet said it would be kinder to put him to sleep . I cant help thinking that maybe this decision was a bit hasty and if he had been given more time maybe he would have improved , im so lost without him im functioning at work in the daytime but in the evenings im in pieces I miss him soooo much . Please when will this start to get better ??
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Dear Rachel, sending you hugs; I am sorry to read about Scooby. We love our precious pets so much and they are so much part of our lives that they leave an enormous gap when they leave us. I lost my cat Toffee over 2 years ago now, and still miss her so very very much; i like to have lots of memories of her around me; lots of framed photos, an album of photos, and her little basket of toys is still in its usual place. Scooby will always be around you Rachel, because the love you shared was so deep, so he will be in your heart and in your memories. Nobody can predict when things get easier; it is just a slow process and whereas some people go and get another animal straight away, I have not been able to do that. You gave him a wonderful life and the decision you made at the end is probably one of the most difficult you have ever had to make, but he is now at rest free from the discomfort and pain he was suffering. We all share with you Rachel and understand just what you are experiencing; take care; talk again if you feel you want to; I'm always here for you. Bless you x
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Rachel, I know exactly how you're feeling. My little man was put down only 4 days ago and it was the same, perfectly fine in the morning and then by evening he had deteriorated badly. There is nothing much anyone can say right now that will make you feel any better, but just know that in time the pain will get easier. You will never forget him and he will always keep a special place in your heart. The decision may have seemed sudden but trust your vet and that he knew what was right for your pet. I felt the same guilt with my little man and still do but in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do and the fairest thing for him to save him from prolonged suffering.
Let yourself grieve and take as long as you need to to let yourself get past this and remember you are no alone. This site and it's wonderful members helped me so much during the worst of my pain. Don't be afraid to ask for support.
Huge hugs to you xxx
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Hi Rachel sending u hugs it takes time before u stop feeling even a little bit guilty but u did the kindest thing for Scooby I no it doesn't seem like it, just keep reminding yourself of all the Good times that u has together and all the love that u gave to each other. It has been justified two months since I had to have my cat tiger pts and I still get upset now I have her ashes by the fire and recently had an infinity symbol with her name tattooed on my wrist so she us with me all the time.don't be afraid to ask for support from those closest to u. Take care xx
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Dear Rachel. There's really not a lot anyone can say that will ease your pain at the moment. It's still very early days. But I can tell you that it WILL ease in time. We had to have our little dog PTS a year ago last week, and at the time the pain seemed unbearable. But little by little, it got better. What happened to you with Scooby is very similar to what happened with our dog (Donut). He had been on medication for a couple of months and had seemed to be doing really well, but he suddenly deteriorated in the matter of a couple of days. Became very distressed if we tried to get his meds into him and stopped eating. That was Donut's way of telling us that he'd had enough and the time had come for us to say goodbye. We took him to the vet, and he confirmed that the time had come. Scooby was telling you that his time had come as well. Your vet only confirmed what Scooby was telling you. The decision that was made WAS the right one. It really is the last act of love we can do for our pets. You WILL feel guilty. We did. Every single pet owner who has had to make or agree to that decision, feels guilty. Its human nature. But every one of those pet owners would tell you the same thing. It was the RIGHT decision. The last thing any of us would want, is for our pets to suffer needlessly. You gave Scooby a wonderful life. Be kind to yourself. With each day that passes you WILL get stronger even though it may not feel like it. You are not alone. Everyone is here for you. Sending you much love. xxx
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Hi Rachel. Just to let you know you are in my thoughts. I know exactly how you are feeling. Has been nearly 13 weeks since I lost my beautiful bunny Rascal. I didn't have to make a decision to pts but I think either way we all carry the guilt with us & constantly ask (or torture) ourselves with the fact that we could have done more,or if we had made another decision to do things differently our gorgeous fur babies would still be here. Know I do it all the time. It's awful to see them struggle & we feel helpless because they rely on us but we can't change what is often inevitable & they can deteriorate so quickly. Totally agree with you that evenings are extremely difficult as I'm the same. I still end up in floods of tears most evenings. Maybe it's because it's that time of the day when we would spend most time with them & there isn't as much to occupy us other than to focus on our loss. I asked the same question as you at the 7 week point-when will it start to get better? I'm still asking myself the same question because it isn't. Think I just want to wake up one day & the pain has gone & it's all just been a bad dream. You had your special Scooby for a very long time & although they are never with us for long enough, we thought like you that we would have her for many years yet. I often wish I could just see her again for just a little while but then my daughter said 'but that is extra time she would have been in pain' & she is so right. None of us would ever want that for our fur babies or anyone elses & Scooby sounded like he had had enough. Try to take comfort from the fact that you gave him a lovely life & were there when he needed you.
We are here to support you & remember we are always here.
Bless you & your dear Scooby.xx
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Hi Rachel,
I understand how you feel.

On March 7th my almost 11 year old girl Penny was pts at our home after suffering a rapid decline in her health due to heart failure.

The first few days without her were the worst, the whole house and life in general felt dark, dreary and dull. There was nothing but sadness and heartache. I wanted to feel better and fast, it was just too painful feeling the way I felt.

You have to allow yourself to go through these feelings and I promise it will get better. I still miss Penny every day and think about her a lot. I talk about her all the time and have had some jewellery made in her memory. She is very much still a part of my life, thoughts and heart.

I know I will meet her again one day.

The only things that will help is the passing of time. Hang in there xx
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thankyou everybody for your kind words and they have truly helped knowing that so many others are feeling the same way and understand, im sorry I haven't replied sooner but Ive been quite poorly and I think that whats happened has made me feel quite ill myself now . I think it would have been easier if the vets had given me a reason and explained what happened to him then I may have understood but I am finally starting to accept that it was his time and it was gods will to take him . xxxx and Sharon yes what you say is so true that evenings are the hardest and ihope you soon can come to terms with what happened to rascal xx. I also cling to the believe that we will all meet again one day xx
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So sorry that you have been poorly Rachel; Scooby will always be around you and we will all meet our precious pets again. I cling to that thought and it gives me comfort. I find comfort in the many photos I have around the house of Toffee and sharing with friends the joy she gave me. The lovely people on here all share their sadness and I have made some very special friends, who have given me support and comfort ; we have kept in touch and share our feelings. We are here for you Rachel at any time, and if you want to talk please do. Scooby is at peace now after a loving life he shared with you. Take care of yourself xx

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