Abbie, I miss you so much

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#673 - by Rachel Appleyard >> Sat Jul 12th, 2014 06:09 pm

I am sat here with tears rolling down my face, yesterday at 07-10 am ( broad daylight) my beautiful girl was hit by a speeding car. I live on a single track lane and the council deem it a 60 limit !!! The driver carried on regardless.
i found Abbie lying on the grass verge so immediately placed her on the back seat of my car and covered her up to keep her warm. I ran into the house and rang my vet practice I was given an emergency number to call by recorded message due to the fact that it was 07-15 in the morning and the practice does`nt open until 08-30. The `on call` vet who answered my call turned out to be a foreign locum , I explained that I could be with her in less than 10 minutes, she replied please wait until 08-00 when day staff would be arriving!! I replied that my cat required immediate attention and 08-00 hrs would be too late. I put the phone down and,went back to Abbie who died at 07-50. I have to add that all the permanent practice staff are absolutely brilliant. If this `locum` is not capable of dealing with emergencies she should not working as a vet . If Abbie was alive today she would be sat on my knee whilst I am on my computer, and snuggled up with me tonight in bed. R.I.P. my lovely girl.
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My heart goes out to you Rachel, and I send you hugs and love. You did everything you could to save your precious Abbie, and I am so sorry that you experienced such a problem with the locum at your veterinary practice. I too felt let down by my veterinary practice at the end of my beautiful cat Toffee's life, and I have found that very hard to come to terms with. The motorist who hit your beautiful girl surely didnt need to speed at that time of the morning and should have stopped instead of carrying on. Abbie is with you in your heart forever Rachel so always near. I am here to talk at any time, I am so very sorry , and so very sad for you x Bless you x RIP beautiful and precious Abbie xx
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Oh Rachel i'm so sorry to hear what has happened to your sweet girl Abbie. As we all know, the loss of a dear pet is incredibly painful however it happens, but I think to lose one that way must be very, very difficult to come to terms with as it could have so easily been prevented. You must feel so frustrated with the locum too especially when you found Abbie in time to actualy get her to the vets to see if they could help her.We had to travel miles to get to another branch of our vets because it was a Saturday morning & that is where their earliest appointment was.Not something you want to do with a very sick animal & really shouldn't have to but you just do it.
I just thought where there was still a heartbeat, there was hope.
No one knows if Abbie could have been treated, but we would do anything to try & help them & you did just that.
It wasn't your fault so I hope you don't feel that way. It is truly heart breaking what has happened & I will be thinking of you today & sending you (& Abbie) lots of hugs.
Please let us know how you are getting on.We are here for you always.
Take care.xx

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Ah Rachel. I am so sorry for the loss of your little Abbie in such a horrible way. I truly feel your pain grief anger and remorse. My sweet darling Tokyo was hit and killed by an idiot in a car driving too fast. He was left in the road outside my house. Could you not seriously complain to your vet practice about the locum once you are feeling a little better. I know it won't bring your precious fur baby back but the practice may not use them again.

Once again you have my thoughts and sincere condolences. Abbey will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge all mended xx
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What a terrible time for you. Although I wouldn't wish to prolong your grief I would think it would be appropriate to highlight this to the practice and make a formal complaint about the emergency vet on call that morning. I am truly disgusted by the response given to you and to think you were granted no assistance or help when you and Abbey most needed it. That's not to say the outcome would be different but it was help that was expected and denied to you. Allow yourself the time to grieve in your own way. Hopefully if the practice is made aware of this event then they may decide to review their current choice of procedure or locum vet.
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That is so very sad. What a terrible thing to happen. Poor Abbie. I also think it's a good idea to let the practice know of the problem with the emergency vet when you are ready, but allow yourself time to grieve. It's so hard and doubly hard for you because of what happened. It will take time but will get easier as i know so well having lost my beautiful dog Molly in February. I can now think of all the great times I had with her and she will always be in my heart. My thoughts are with you. Run free now beautiful Abbie xx

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