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I have never felt pain like I'm feeling right now and I have been crying for the last 6 hours. This evening my wonderful, quirky, characterful yet gentle 4yr old female cat was run over and killed on a quiet country lane right outside my house - chased into the path of a car by my neighbour's bullying and extremely aggressive male cat (according to two cyclists who were following the car which hit her and did not stop). We have lived a happy cat-friendly existence in our country cottage for the past 18 years, firstly with our cat Freebie who we lost 3 years ago at the age of 22 and more recently with Inca who we have had for the past 2 1/2 years. Our new neighbour arrived 4 years ago with her 2 cats; we'll call them Big Bully and Little Bully, Freebie was by this time nearing the end of her life and didn't go out much, so the two new cats automatically decided that our garden would become part of their territory too. After Freebie's death we could not face having another cat for 6 months, but chose Inca as she was the longest stay resident at Cats Protection (overlooked as she was a 'boring' black & white apparently) over the time we've owned her she's turned into the most amazing cat and was more of a character than any cat we've previously owned. The only blot on the landscape has been constant bullying from Big Bully and Little Bully which has resulted in several broken cat flaps (even the microchip ones) infected bites on back legs as she flees and a return to using a litter tray. Neighbour is lovely, but is aware there is little that can be done, suggesting I spray them with a water pistol to deter them. This evening it all came to a head and Inca was killed in the most distressing fashion possible - I was out and will never forgive myself for not being with her at the end - but my husband took her to the vets (even though he knew she was beyond saving) I've always believed in karma, but this time the bully has won and there are so few cars use our lane I cannot accept that one was passing at precisely the moment she was chased onto the lane (she has always been streetwise and we've watched her sit on the grass verge and look before crossing) I am racked with guilt as she has been tormented all the time she has been with us and has suffered in death. My husband says we will never have another cat whilst we live here as he just can't bear the pain. I am sitting here typing as she usually spends the entire night sleeping on my back, front and hip - changing position with me throughout the night - and I'm in pieces :(
Inca's Mum
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Dear Inca's Mum; I send you my love and a big hug; I am so sorry that you have lost your dear Inca in such awful circumstances. So sad that as your lane is so quiet, the bullies from next door chased her just as a car was coming along. They sound as if they are rather a handful and made Incas's life rather difficult with their bullying. We adopted a cat from the CPL 2 years ago and they stipulated she stayed as an indoor car as we live near busy roads, but your lane sounded quiet. Her short life with you, athough bullied by next door, was a happy one and obviously so much loved and had an amazing little character. Although she was being bullied she had such love from you both and knew that; so sad that the two next door seem uncontrollable. Take care; always here for you; and I can understand how you are feeling. Love Penny xx
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Dear Incas Mum .
I am so so sorry for the loss of your precious cat i lost my precious cat evie last August the same way we also live in a quiet village never expected it thought it was safe here for her been here a year and a half .i understand your pain so much its the worse pain ever to lose someone you love like this ,like you i felt so guilty for a very long time but many people told me it wasn't my fault and i tell you the same you gave your cat a wonderful life and lots of love more than some cats would have .My husband and I will never get another cat or pet because she meant so much i couldn't bear the thought of bringing another home we have another cat tilly shes 3 this August so she helped me a bit with the pain .when evie died i was in such a bad way that i went to church i felt the need to go so i went and i cried through the service praying to God telling him I'm sorry i let evie down and i wished i kept her as a indoor cat i light a candle for her and do this still , i been going to church since last September and i become a Christian and God has healed my heart hes given me more peace joy kindness patience love,and i know i will see evie again because she with the Lord in heaven. I needed God to get me through this i couldn't of got where i am now with out him .i suffered anxiety and depression and after evie the anxiety got worse but the Lord has healed me .i just wanted to share with you your not alone there are others who have gone through losing our precious cats this way ,i pray for you and please dont blame yourself theres nothing you could of done its a terrible accident you need to do now what helps you with your grief i found also putting pictures up helps you will never forget your cat but the pain gets easier give it time. the. BlueCross pet bereavement is very good you can phone them and speak to some one this is what i did also and they helped . i will never forget evie shes with me everyday i still have moments when i feel upset but i know God is with me through this and give me strength .this verse has helped me a lot, And the God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory in Christ after you have suffered a little while will himself restore you and make you strong firm and steadfast Peter 5:10. i am here for you if you need to talk God bless you
d patrick

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