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Posted by: Debbie Usher Posts: 1 - Joined: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 04:01 pm

#1274 - by Debbie Usher >> Thu Nov 14th, 2019 04:05 pm

Hi I lost my 15 year old staff on sat just gone. I had him from a puppy. I feel so lost without him and havent stopped crying. My vet gave me this site to help me get through the bad times
Posted by: Admin Posts: 68 - Joined: Wed Jun 8th, 2011 01:05 am

#1275 - by Admin >> Fri Nov 15th, 2019 01:46 pm

I am really sorry to hear of your loss, Debbie. Fifteen years is a long time. I hope some of the information on this site will help you as you deal with your grief.

If you use Facebook please join our private group where there are lots of like-minded pet carers also available to provide comfort and support. Go to

Thinking of you,

The Ralph Site Admin
Posted by: Michelle Ball Posts: 66 - Joined:

#1278 - by Michelle Ball >> Fri Nov 29th, 2019 11:36 am

Hello Debbie

I'm so sorry, I've only just read your post.

How are you coping?

Grief is a process which takes its course, so please be gentle on yourself. The utter devastation of losing a beloved pet can never be underestimated, and your feelings and thoughts are completely normal and felt by many.

I really struggled day to day, but found solice in reading other people's comments on the Facebook group/Ralph site, and talking to a counsellor via the Blue Cross pet charity - it is free and you can telephone or, if you prefer, email.

Take care


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