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28/10/06 - 25/10/16

You were always such a friendly and good natured rabbit, Amik. You were always there for me whenever I was upset and you didn't care how long it took to make me feel better. I miss you so much already. You had such a wonderful life and I'm so happy I could share it with you. I'm sorry I had to go to university, you were the only one that I really missed and I can't believe I'll never see you running up to me when I come home again. I feel like there will always be a part of me crying for you, I'm just glad that I could be there to comfort you at the end. I love you and I'll always miss you. Rest in peace.

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24/04/08 - 09/03/12

To the sweetest, gentlest,soul...missing all the head butt's and seeing you stretched out on your back relaxing ,your huge big eyes and your tall periscope tail...your crazy moments and mostly your companionship on my bed every night...I miss you so much and love you forever..thanks for being with us

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Unknown - 13/12/11

Still missing you so much Baby Jane house is so empty without you. Hope you are being looked after & loved. God I miss the way you looked at me I love you so much and it hurts so much I thought you'd live forever I've never felt so much pain. We'll meet again some day Baby Jane don't you dare forget me all my love Mum xx

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04/01/04 - 12/04/13

Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I care? Life now is completely empty The house is quiet too Who will brush your teeth now? Who will play with the toilet roll? Who will take you for a walk and watch you chase after the pine cone? You filled my life and my heart more than you’ll ever know The greatest pain I’ve ever felt was the pain of letting you go I had a shadow beside me for nine amazing years Now I have a hole in my heart and nothing more than tears I hope I made you happy I hope you’re running free I hope you're now in peace Love you forever my little Angel Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

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24/08/11 - 23/08/12

Angel was a beloved guinea pig with maybe perks and trade marks. she had a mate called frisky with who she had 8 babies with. only 3 of her babies lived as the others were stillborn. angels baby that was a mirror image of her was called Angelica after her mum. Angel is dearly missed but her daughters bailey and mistletoe,son alby and her 2 grandsons frisky jr and barny live in her memory. if Angel was her with us today that would be wonderful. but she is now in heaven with other piggies playing in grass meadows. Angel died a day before her 1st birthday because she gave birth to a stillborn and then had a emergency c-section to remove 2 other babies which were rotting inside her and poising her. 2 days after her operation the pain was to much of her a she died in the arms of my father. i wish time could go back and i could have her in my arms for one more time. Angel is the brown and white mum guinea pig in the photo. you were a great mother, grandmother and pet

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21/11/07 - 22/03/14

Our wee house bunny Angel died 22.03.2014. Miss you lots baby Angel. I think and cry for you everyday. Loved you lots and always will. Maria

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01/09/99 - 19/12/13

My Angel Baby I Love You So! It's Been So Darn Hard To Watch You Go. Your With Me Always In Heart And Soul! You Are The Best Cat I Ever Adopted Outta Many,And Yet The Youngest At Only 3 Weeks Of Age,Now U 15!! Oh How I Love You So, I'll Never Forget Our Memories Good Times Bad Times @ Bad Times. We Bonded From Beginning Till The Very End Just Like It Would Never End! I Love And Miss You My Baby Girl <3 Momma

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Angel Nolan

Unknown - 11/08/12

Angel, it was love at first sight. I will never forget the day i saw you in the cattery with your babies. You bravely gave birth in the snow and a lovely lady found you and took you to a safe place. I knew you had to be mine and my family never hesitated about you coming to live with us. You brought us so much pleasure, so much love you had to give. You soon became a couple with our cat Star and people always commented on the love you had for each other. I feel like you have been cruelly taken from us. I felt so guilty leaving you in the kennels with Star in May but i only wish i had done so again, you might still be with us! To be knocked down outside your house you did not deserve. Giving the vet permission to let you sleep forever is one of the hardest things i have ever had to do especially being so far away from you. Star is lost without you, your daddy comes home from the Army on Friday-he is heartbroken. I have some of your hair that i will make in to a locket. Wait for me Angel on Rainbow Bridge, watch over us and keep Star safe. God bless you precious girl, you will be engraved on my heart forever xxxxxxxx

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Angel Vollick

06/01/13 - 10/01/13

This is our little Angel, born the runt of my Alaska's litter of Himalayans. Sadly she passed away at the very young age of 4 days old. She died in the arms of her mommy, but she is now in eternal peace. Love and miss you so much my little Angel, you will always be in our hearts <3

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30/04/10 - 13/08/11

My beloved cat Angus was a joy to have funny noisy and compleatly mad,but i loved him,he was sadly taken away on the 13th august last year when hes was hit by a car,he had been missing all weekend and after realising something wasnt right,he never stayed away from home for too long,i phoned all the vets in my area,one said they'd had a black cat brought in on the monday,and sadly it was him,i was devastated and so were my children and boyfriend,at least we got to say goodbye,but it was hard the house was so quiet without him there and our other cat Tilly missed him,they were best friends and would spend hours cleaning each other and slept together in the same bed,its been nearly a year and i still miss him he was a wonderful cat and a one off,he will always have a place in my heart

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