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01/06/06 - 24/12/13

Since the moment you were first placed in my hand, a tiny ball of downy feathers, you captured my heart. I loved you beyond words. No budgie could have been more loved. The grief I feel since you passed on becomes harder to bear each day. I will never forget you and wish with all my heart you could sit on my hand again and I could stroke your soft feathery face. My love forever, your mummy xxx

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Bobby Dazzler

01/01/03 - 04/08/14

My handsome boy, Bobby Dazzler. I still miss you so much. How you use to lick everything in sight, eat bath foam and try to bury your bone in the settee! I'm sorry I couldn't take you to the vets when it was time to say goodbye. I was too heartbroken, I cried for days. Your Dad took you, it's only the second time I've seen him cry. I'm also sorry you couldn't get better., but the tablets from the vet didn't work anymore. Your doggy sister Honey has your heart condition too, please look out for her, UPDATE - your sister Honey is now with you at Rainbow Bridge, I hope you are happy together again. I talk to you at your grave everyday. I hope you like the Yorkshire terrier ornament and toys I've put there for you. Love you and miss you always. Until we meet again... Mam xxx

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17/08/93 - 17/03/08

Beautiful fur baby. One of twins rescued by their Mummy when they were 15 months old. Never ever forgotten. xxx

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Unknown - 06/04/20

Our Bojo Mr Bojangles, to be quite precise, is the name of our fluffcat, all sugar and spice! With super long whiskers and powderpuff feet, his frayed, tatty ears make him look no less sweet -Nor the crooked smile where he lost a tooth Aye, forsooth! He's a friendly boy to one and all with amazing presence for a person so small; Extremely proficient in acrobatics which are frequently part of the melodramatics(!) -And mostly at nighttime the little bounder Confound him!! In the daytime, he's guard-cat extraordinaire, watching out for us all with his feline flair And greeting our guests in selective manner -our very own personal cat "Human Scanner"! -Well, someone's got to do the job Mr Boj!! His tail is short and expressive like him. When we whistle a song, then he has to join in And sings oh, so loud when it's time to be fed in the evening, and early: "please, get out of bed"- -Whilst dancing and prancing too (fidgety midge) Fidget-Midget!! We find him sometimes play-fighting alone, his predatory skills to presumably hone, Then in summer when may bugs descend on the lawn, he feasts at twilight on the poor cat's prawn -And brings it up later in a pile of vomit With flies upon it!! But we wouldn't change him for a whole year's pay, this lovable friend who just turned up one day! So cuddly and soft and inherently happy, we are lucky to live with this cheerful chappie! -Where did he come from, was all this meant? Absolutely, heaven-sent!! Dearest Bojo, words cannot really express how much you meant to us. Suffice to say the sun disappeared when you left us but the pain was too much to bear for you and we could not let you suffer any more. Sleep tight special boy, never to be forgotten. Now joined by your very best playmate Wellington 23/09/2020. Bless you both, with all our love xxx

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15/09/09 - 02/08/11

To my best little guy, Bolt, it's been a year and a half but I still think about you everyday. It's really hard not to think about you without shedding tears. You were the best cat I ever had, and nothing will ever replace you! I really miss sleeping with you every night and hearing your little motor going non-stop. You will always be in my heart Bolt, and even though your body isn't next to mine, your soul and ashes are next to me every night! I will never forget the day you were tragically taken from us, by some stupid careless driver in the middle of the day! How could they not have seen you? You were so bright and full of life, almost turning 2! Way too short of life... I'm just happy I got to adopt you and have you as mine, even though it was too short of time!!! I Love you forever Bolty <3

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Unknown - 07/10/12

my little earth angel i had bonnie from a dogs home age 6 months she was with me 15yrs my best friend we went everywhere together i miss you every day alfie our big lad unknown to me would join you 6 months later love you till we meet again god bless xxx

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Unknown - 03/05/12

my beautiful dog bonnie went to heaven on 3rd of may 2012 due to cancer she had her family around her she was just 10 years old such a lovely sweet kind gentle wonderful dog to have, darling you are sadly missed by everyone we love you so much beautiful xxxxxxxxx <3<3<3<3 xxxxxxxxxxx

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Unknown - 21/10/11

You were the littlest of all the feline family, but that didn't stop you being the bossiest! The dogs would run backwards when you stalked towards them, queen of all you surveyed. Sleep well, my beautiful BonBon. I'll always love you.

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Unknown - 27/09/13

You were taken so cruelly from me darling. Never a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts and my heart. Run free my precious girl until we meet again. I love you so much xxx

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24/12/00 - 15/06/10

not a day goes by without missing you and your always in my heart i want 2 send a wish 2 you and say it,s sad now were apart but as our lives r seperate and god keeps you 4 himself i know one day ill be with you and have you once again in my heart rip little girl look after saxon 4 me love forever mom xxxxx

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