A few memorials from our Facebook page

In addition to the memorials created here on the Ralph site, below are just a small selection of the lovely photos and heartfelt words posted on our Facebook page by bereaved pet carers.

"Dear Ralph Site, I have always thought that the deication and compassion of this site is absolutely wonderful, and I always pray for those who add memorials on the page, but I haven't truly been able to undersrand until my dog, my best friend passed away last week. I had him since I was eight years old, and the grief is unbearable. I miss him every day. What this site is trying to do, provide support for grieving owners, I think that's something really special. Thank you so much"



Very beautiful memorial here



Tim's AlA tribute made by an FB friend to my wee guy Al who left us two weeks ago due to a suspected brain tumour. (Tim Ryan)











Kaz's AlbertThis is one of my favourite (and there are a few lol) pics of Albert. It shows how gorgeous his face was. And he used to go all soppy when I called him Bubsy. xx
(Kaz Luckie)







Kaz's Albert
This is Albert watching over some of the rats I had xx (Kaz Luckie)








Nisha's My beautiful 'B', it's been almost 10 years and I still think about you and miss you. I can't wait to see you again someday.xxxx (Nisha Cooper)









Annmarie's BabyThis is my boy his name was 'Baby' and he could talk for Britain. sadly he had to be put down, aged 14 years, just last month because of kidney failure. we miss him very much. (Annmarie Guthrie)






Linda's BateyThis is a memorial pic I made for my beautiful cat Beethoven who was taken so suddenly on 30th November last year aged 16 years. I miss him so much. Chase butterflies at the Rainbow Bridge " Batey " I love you. xx oo xx. (Linda Coull)











Sheree's BuachaillRIP Buachaill (pronounced 'Bookle') who died in June of FIP. We miss him every day. (Sheree Borge)








Louise's BubblesCancer took my beautiful bubbles 6 weeks ago,he was 5 and a half,very loved and dearly missedx we [love] you bubbles love louise,george,bonnie,pebbles and chucky xx (Louise Allan)









Lizzie's ButterflyThis was Butterfly. She was 19...Miss her lots (Lizzie B Burton)







Ann's CharlieMy little man Charlie died a month ago with heart failure and bronchial pneumonia. Like 90% of Cavalier king charles he had a heart murmur . We rescued him 4 years ago when he was 7 and what a neglected state he was in -it was awful and so sad. The vet said he might last a few months. Well he lasted over 4 years and gave us so much love and joy. I have rescued quite a number of dogs usually in old age or mid age and I am now almost 61 so we have lost a few as well. I still have our Chloe the little terrier in the profile picture but Charlie was such a sad loss, he blossomed with us and he was so so happy. He was always giving us cuddles and showing his love and I was so very broken hearted and still am so thanks for this site. annx (Ann Lister)








Michelle's DudleyThis is Dudley, the most loyal, loving, handsome boy I've ever known. (Michelle Perry-Brooker)






Nicola's DylanAnd, this is Dylan. My lovely boy who was a week off turning 16 when he was put to sleep in July 2009. It was only 8 months after we lost Mollie and with both our cats gone it has been unbearable but I can't bring myself to have another pet, at least not yet. But I thought I'd share them with you because they were such a part of our lives and only pet lovers really understand the loss. Thanks xxx(Nicola Broughton Riley)





Pauline's HollyThis is Holly who we lost after 10 years, she was hit by a car.....(Pauline Brannigan)







Cynthia's IkiI miss you Iki, you will always be my Angel.....(Cynthia Ashkar)







Gillian's Jaffa CakeMy darling Jaffa Cake (oct 2008-sept 2010) R.I.P little man xxxxx (Gillian Welsh)







Anna's JaffaThis is my little boy Jaffa. I got him in 1994 when he was a kitten. At 11 weeks old he had one of his kidneys out as it was four times larger than it should be. Since then he filled our life with such love. Sadly he passed to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday where I know he will be met by my other animals. (Anna Collins)










Deborah's JasmineRIP Jasmine Knowles 4/7/96 - 13/1/12 (Deborah Knowles)











Anna's JimmyThis is Jimmy, he left me in April this year and had been with me for 12 years, he was the last of the FIV +tive cats I'd adopted as rescues. In all those years he only went to the vets once to have a tooth removed. I miss him terribly.(Anna Collins)







Pam's KaizerMy Kaizer - a big dog with a huge heart - RIP my big lad xxxxx (Pam)











Alice's KipperMy beloved Kipper; lost to cancer last November. I didn't even get to say goodbye, and it kills me every day. (Alice O'Regan)






Jen's LolaRip my little gorgeous lola, only a year and 4 days old...miss her so much, she had to be put to sleep 3 days ago, it was a complete shock and still cant believe it..one of the worst things ever to go through (Jen Darcy)







Jacqui's LuckyLucky went to rainbow bridge 27th of january 4yrs old much loved and missed he suffered from epilespy from a pup but was a joy to love , miss him so much x (Jacqui Clarke)





Rachel's MidgetMy naughty little midget who I lost a few weeks ago. He was hit by a car. Only just a year old. Really struggling to get over it still!(Rachel Chambers)






Jo's MinouOn Saturday 16th July it will be 1 year since losing my beloved 18yr old "Minou". I can hardly believe a whole year has gone by already - it seems like only yesterday that I had to say goodbye. He had developed some health problems in the end, and I know it was the best thing to do for him as I could not have let him suffer and linger on just for my own selfish reasons to keep him with me. I just miss him so much. There will always be a Minou-shaped hole in my heart. (Jo Sheppard)






Nicola's MollieThis is Mollie - she was almost 18 when we had her put to sleep in Nov 2008 and I still miss her every day. She was the most unique cat I'd ever had and a personality like hers definitely leaves a big hole in your heart. Had her from 6 weeks old. It's so hard..(Nicola Broughton Riley)






Diane's MollyOur beautiful Molly who passed away nearly a year ago, March 2011, aged 16. A beautiful furry , purring ball of love. Will remember her always....miss her little chirrups when she 'talked' to us xxxx (Diane)








Anne's OliverThis is my beloved Oliver who died three days ago. He was 14 years old and my constant companion. I am bereft without him, the house is cold and empty. He save my sanity after losing my husband 7 years ago and now I feel hollow. What a brilliant friend he was and I shall miss him dearly. God Bless Ollie x x x (Anne Bradshaw)





Jule's PennyThis is my beautiful Penny. I have a gorgeous and much loved rescued collie now called Daisy but I still miss my lovely goldie. (Julie Barnes)







Debbie's PurdyMy angel 'Purdy' who went to sleep 17th Jan [2012], miss her awful, after eleven years companionship. xxxx (Debbie Capper)










Angela's ReubenMy beloved Reuben who I took in as a stray on November 5th 2008 aged approx 4 months old. Reuben was killed by a car on 14th November 2011. I miss him more than words can say, RIP my beautiful boy xxx (Angela Rogers)







Debby-Lee's RocoRoco the gentle beast , gone but not forgotten we all miss you my big baby (Debby-Lee Freeman)







Claire's RogerR.I.P...My Little Hammy Roger...Sept-2010....Sadly Missed Little Friend...Love Always.......Night Night Mummy Boy.....(Claire Stacey)










Carole's RoxyThis was roxy, i chose to have her pts , two years ago, she was my life but had suffered hip dysplasia since being seven months , she was eight when i made the decision as she appeared to be uncomfortable and in pain although being on the strongestpain killers. It still hurts now and i struggle to accept i did iot for her , iv lost other pets but dont seem to be able to stop greiving . Miss ou babes , run wild run free till we meet again xxxx (Carole Saberton Was Quayle)








Rose's Sasha"This is Sasha - he passed away in my arms on Wednesday night (1st February) - he was 17 years old and he has been my best friend and constant companion for 17 years. RIP my darling boy - you will live on in my heart forever." (Rose Barnfield)






Liz's ShadowShadow who sadly passed away last yr but we still miss him very much. (Liz Martin)







Debby-Lee's ShandyShandy my first whippet this dog ment everything to me, she also saved my life when i nearly drown, she used to lick m hand while i was sleeping and still does i now she is still hear with me miss you girl every day xxx (Debby-Lee Freeman)






Bobby's Smokey-JoeSmokey-joe my best friend for 13years who i sadly lost yesterday. I love and miss you so much it hurts little man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Bobby North)







Kaz's SnoopyMy lovely dog snoopy who i sadly had 2 hve put 2 sleep last friday as he had kidney failure an his bck legs had gne. he was at least 17 or 18 yrs old. miss him badly!!! (Kaz Purposer)










Kaz's Snoopy









Roxy's SommerMiss my baby Sommer (Roxy Elsey)







Liz's SootyMy beautiful Sooty died on 12/9/11. R.I.P sadly missed xx (Liz Robinson)







Jacqui's SophieMy Beloved cat Sophie she was 17years old (84years in cat years) she was by far the most vocal of all the cats i have had and had the loudest purr. I have had many good times with her and i love and miss her so much. The saying goes (Dont treat me any differently than you would The Queen) that was my Sophie. R.I.P sending Big Hugs.xxxxxxx (Jacqui Robson)





Lorna's SophieThis is a photo of Sophie taken 2 yrs ago. She was a beautiful almost 12 yr old cat with blue eyes. She was put to sleep 2 days ago on Thursday. x (Lorna Burns)






Gillian and Andy's StanleyR.I.P My handsome baby. Love you, forever in our hearts. Will meet you at Rainbow Bridge one day. xxxxxx (Gillian Strachan)









Gillian and Andy's Stanley"One Simple Wish"

If i could get one simple wish, i know what i would do.
I'd spend another day with you, our one and only boo.
If i could get one simple wish, we'd play with stones and sticks.
And if you'd give me half a chance, i'd teach you some new tricks.
...If i could get one simple wish, i'd take you back to Reekie Linn, where we could watch you once again, going for a swim.
If i could get one simple wish, i'd stand a top a ridge.
So i could see my handsome Stan, waiting at Rainbow Bridge
(Andy Strachan)



Kirsty's SuzieI lost a treasured friend a year ago today
The little dog who used to lay
Her gentle head upon my knee
And shared her silent thoughts with me.

She’ll come no longer to my call
Retrieve no more her favourite ball
A voice far greater than my own
Has called her to his golden throne.

Although my eyes are filled with tears
I thank him for the happy years
He let her spend down here with me
And for her love and loyalty.

When it is time for me to go
And join her there, this much I know
I shall not fear the transient dark
For she will greet me with a bark.

RIP Suzie (until we meet again) she was 18 yrs old. Barney and me miss you so much xxx
(Kirsty Ipek)




Dawn's TankHello my name is Tank, and i know my family misses me terribly, i look down from heaven to make sure my family are okay. xxx (Dawn Denise Stringer)










Vicky's TanyaMy beautiful dog Tanya R.I.P 17/07/11 Still very sorely missed until we meet at rainbow bridge. I love you babe xx (Vicky Park)






Lindsay's Ted"My old pony Ted...Who i lost last year.My best friend for 17yrs....he taught countless children to ride,and every christmas dressed up as Rudolf to give pony rides to the kids as a xmas treat. Miss him so very much x" (Lindsay Jane Stead)







Fi's TigerJust wanted to share this pic of my beautiful boy 'Tiger' who passed away last year....he is still missed so much and he has left his pawprints in my heart forever xxx (Fi Adams)






Gillian's Tiggy and OleoThe big cat is Tigg 2 Shoes who we lost in November last year at 14 years old and the kitten is our little man Oleo who is now 11 months old R.I.P Tiggy and long may Oleo be part of our lives xxxxx (Gillian Welsh)





Hannah and Carole's TroubleI miss you I love you but the worst thing is that I never got to say goodbye and you were taken without warning ='[ I miss you so much. R.I.P trouble, my girl (Hannah Saberton)








Philippa's TroubleThis was my beautiful boy, Trouble, who we lost 5 weeks ago. He was attacked by a staffie. He survived 3 days but his injuries were just too much and died in the vet hospital. I miss him so much x x x (Philippa Lenthall)





Clare's TylerThis is a picture of our beautiful gentle boy Tyler, who left us a year ago. Miss and love him so very much. RIP always darling boy. (Clare Woollett)






Nina's UffieThis is my baby Uffie. She was my everything. We were totally inseparable. When I ate cereal she would drink my milk. When I went to bed she would climb under the covers. Every morning when I got ready for work she would sit on my lap and watch me put on my make-up. She would wait by the window for me to get home from work everyday. I used to hold her in my arms like a baby, either that or she would lounge around my neck like a scarf!

She was hit by a car in April, less than a month before her 3rd birthday. She had slipped and fallen out of our bedroom window and couldn't get back in as we live in a terraced house. She ran out in front of our neighbours car. Unfortunately my neighbour then made the decision to wrap her in bin bags and throw her in a bin across town. We 'luckily' got her back and had her cremated, but I can never forget what happened to her. I've cried everyday since and I just can't stop missing her. It feels like a piece of myself is gone. (Nina Elizabeth Justine Shore)


Lisa's WoodyPlease remember my little Woody cat. We lost him a week ago. Born March 2010 left us October 2011. Such a short but hopefully sweet life. We love you very much Woody x x x (Lisa Warman)