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I lost my darling lab Suzy who was 14 Saturday we had to have her put to sleep. My children one is an adult the other in senior school seem to have cried for couple days and now are carrying on not they have forgotten her just dealing with it in their own way. My husband works away and although he is grieving is not in the house with the constant reminders. I had pets growing up and it hurt but my darling girl really got into my heart and im really struggling to deal with normal life and have no motivation for anything. I just feel like my heart is broken
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Dear Tracy,

I am sorry for your loss. It is such early days after losing your beloved Suzy. We always say that there are no rules around grief - what to feel, how long it takes - yet what you are feeling really does resonate with so many pet carers.

I hope that the information on this site and on our blog helps you in this difficult time. The blog is here:


We also have a lovely private Facebook group full of like-minded pet carers ready to offer their support and comfort. The group is here:


Thinking of you at this difficult time,

The Ralph Site Admin

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