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In general, the Ralph site only provides links to not-for-profit websites and organisations. However, the links below have been included as it is felt that they will form a convenient resource during the difficult period around pet loss. By including these links, the Ralph site is not directly endorsing or recommending their services and reserves the right to remove any of these links at any time.

If you would like to recommend a website or other provider that is not included here, please contact us with the necessary details for inclusion.

At Peace Memorial Plaques - a variety of plaque types can include name, photos and ashes too
Churchyard Angels Personalised Pet Memorials
Coins hand-crafted with animal portraits by Neil Turner
DragonBright - keep a loved one close by incorporating their ashes, hair or fur into beautiful glass bead jewellery, charm or keyring
Dream Happy - hand-painted stones
Everlasting Memories - specialise in pet cremation jewellery and urns (international shipping available)
Infinite Memories - handmade clay memorials incorporating your pet's ashes; an alternative to urns/caskets or scattering ashes.
Jewellery Keepsakes - specialise in pet memorial jewellery (international shipping available)
Memories in Glass - handcrafted glass memory beads celebrating loved ones
Memory Bloom - flower memorial kits for pets ashes or a small memento
Pets Remembered - a range of sympathetic pet tributes including headstones, plaques and grave markers
The Poffins Co.
Rainbow Bridge Pets
Recollections - bespoke personal keepsake jewellery including of pets' pawprints
Running Free - "probably the greatest range of best quality natural stone pet memorials around"
Safe Passage Urns
Sara Abbott Pet Portraits
Wheathills Exquisite Memory boxes
Woodland Trust - dedicate a tree to your departed friend as a living memorial

Some of these items can also be bought from many pet crematoria and cemeteries

Sympathy cards

Hand-made pet bereavement cards, personalised or standard design. Approximately £2.50 per card (with some going to the Ralph Site). For further information please contact Ruth Dunn at

Rachel's Veterinary Sympathy Cards - a variety of designs available in various combinations

Veterinary Sympathy Cards (Sarah Brown Cards)