I Gave in Honour of...

In August 2014, The Ralph Site ran a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for site improvements and to increase promotion of the site so that more pet lovers could be helped in their time of despair. Below are many of the animal friends in whose honour contributions to the campaign were made.


Karen writes:

My darling dog, Pip. 
I had to help her pass over to the bridge on the 25th of October last year. 
My heart breaks for her every day.
I gave in honour of Pip and everything she meant to me and my family. sorely missed by us all. 
Many thanks, Karen x




Dot writes:

Here's my 3 girls who I slave every day for. Misty. Pedigree name Manot Artemis. She's a Somali. 15 years old and still thinks she's 5! The other 2 are rescue moggies. They are all loved to the moon and back. Since my husband Graham died, they are my reason to live. He was as daft about animals as I am. Hopefully, he has our 2 boys with him now - RJ died at the age of 13 and Charlie who died  aged 12.

Very best wishes in all you do, and thank you so much for the Ralph site !
Dot x




Little Hood







Patricia writes:

Mistique (Misty) passed away October 2012
Majik (Maj) passed away April 2013
(these were brother and sister and passed away within 6 months of each other with kidney problems)
Jake passed away March 2008

I miss all three of my furbabies, tears come to the eyes now if only I could see them one more time, of course that will never be but I have pictures and memories or their funny little ways and the love they gave me, my husband and my daughter.
Sleeping tight and pain free over the rainbow bridge. 



Mistique (Misty)



Majik (Maj)









Julie writes:

Baby Girl: she was abandoned and I found her when I moved into my home. She had kidney failure. She had love, heat and a home for 3 years until the illness took its toll and she had to be put to sleep in 2007.

Tokyo Boo. See more here.  

And Simba. He is a furry fruit loop going from strength to strength.


Baby Girl



Tokyo Boo










Mary writes:

Oscar: very much with us

Monty whom we very sadly lost in April 2013 way before his time. 










Jo writes:

I gave in honour of our fantastic boy Ged, lost too soon, but always in our hearts and minds, we love him dearly xx.








Claire writes:

Seti my rabbit who died 25/12/2012
My white rabbit Osiris who died 4/62014
Jude and Anubis who I still have















Clare writes:

I gave in honour of Holly...she was my amazing best friend for just short of 17 years, and will be tucked deeply in my heart forever. xxxx









Alberta writes:

Sara is the only one I lost in 2008. The others (Jack, Angel and Candy) are all good...
Their initials make up my Facebook name.
Jack is the tabby boy, Angel the sleeping artist (tabby as well), Candy is the tortie.