We moved here 3 weeks ago...darling cat has gone missing now 3 nights

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I feel so awful, sad, stressed, sick and guilty. I uprooted my 20 yr old son and husband to travel to a town 3000 kms away to live. Our most loved, special cat ran out to the night 3 nights ago and we have barely been here 3 weeks. The weather is cold. She hasnt come back to eat or drink. We have searched drains, called out along streets nearby, done letterbox drops, left litter near our house and at entrance to a couple of drain holes but I am hot coping. I feel like shes never coming back. I feel like Ive taken my son away from his hometown and now taken his most loved friend - Skoda cat. How can I manage? I dont see hope but my husband thinks she will come
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Sorry to hear this, Emma. It is very difficult. The 'not knowing' makes things all the more painful. It sounds like you have taken quite a few steps to try and find her and to let others know she is missing. Keep doing this. There are many stories of missing cats turning up after weeks and even months. It is hard to balance hope with also acknowledging that she may never return and you may not know what happened to her.

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