Newbie ( guilt over guinea pig)

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Hello, sorry if this is in wrong place but I couldn't see an introductions thread.
I had to have my sweet coronet guinea pig, Willy put to sleep on the 11th of this month. I have been struggling so much with guilt. I spotted some signs that he was not ok but was unsure because I had to change their routine around that time and wondered if it was just stress from that. I think deep down I knew he was ill but didn't want to admit it, so I jumped at an alternative explanation. He got very bad quite suddenly and emergency vets couldn't save him in the end.
I'm staying strong for my other piggies and I have certainly learned a lesson about being safe rather than sorry but sadly that won't bring Willy back ????.
Denise Weston
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Hello Denise,

I am sorry for your loss of Willy. Bless him. Guilt is one of the most common - and sadly unhelpful - emotions after pet bereavement.

We have some information that may help, e.g.

Unfortunately, these forums do not get much attention now as we have a private Facebook group that is active and busy. If you use Facebook, do request to join if you have not already.

The Ralph Site Admin
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