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First time loss

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#1337 - by [admin] >> Sat Oct 15th, 2022 08:15 pm

My 8 year old cavalier suddenly passed a couple of weeks ago now. I know he was in no pain when it happened but for some reason this gives me little help. I have 3 other dogs , a chihuahua and 2 westies who are nearly 15. I spent more time worrying about the westies and almost prepared myself that something would happen to them! Jessee my cavalier like most had mitro valve disease which was under control with the royal vet college. I took him for his check up there at the start of the year and they told me to not bring him back until he starts to show any symptoms of heart failure so I was very confident that the medication was working, Jessee was a cavalier that would always have little but manageable things wrong with him. He had dry eye syndrome so I had to give him eye drops in the morning and before bed, clean his ears and teeth ect and he LOVED being pampered although he was a drama queen, the slightest of harder touches and he would cry like a seal! Over the weekend he was fine in himself although he wouldn’t walk, for our 15 year old westie we take her in a pram so we just popped Jessee in whilst the others walked, he still had a smile on his face and a seriously good appetite. On the Sunday with my family we went out of a roast dinner which was a disaster as they actually ran out of roast dinners and the service was slow (I should of known it was going to be a bad day from there!) my mum had to leave early to pick up my younger sister from work so I stayed at the pub with the rest of the family. Next thing I received a text from my Dogsitter as I never like to leave my dogs alone , she told me Jessee wasn’t breathing. After what felt like a blur I got him to the emergency vets but it was too late. In a way I’m glad he was at home with all his fur brothers and sisters and that he just went to sleep but I feel selfish that I was him back and I will never get to cuddle him again. A few months ago I put a deposit down for a girl cavalier which we are meant to be getting at the end of the month: my mum is keen to still get her but I’m scared I won’t love her the same because of my loss of Jessee, I feel like I will be letting my mum down if we don’t get her. I’m trying to distract myself but even with 3 other dogs the house feels so empty without him. He was my first puppy and my heart feels so empty. I don’t know if getting this puppy will help or fill me with more sadness and anger ??!??
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Hi there.
I have just come across this post after losing my cavalier amd would love to speak to you.

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