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1st anniversary

Posted by: alison Posts: 6 - Joined: Tue Aug 2nd, 2011 11:12 am

#185 - by alison >> Mon Mar 5th, 2012 09:07 am

On wednesday it will be a year (feels like yesterday) since I lost my cat, Bess. Yesterday I managed to upload her photo and words for her memorial but I am dreading wednesday. Yes it is just another day so why do I feel so upset? Did anyone else feel like this? Should I allow myself to wallow on wednesday or do I need to get a grip?

Thanks, Alison
Posted by: Fiona Posts: 30 - Joined: Sun Jan 15th, 2012 07:34 pm

#186 - by Fiona >> Mon Mar 5th, 2012 02:31 pm

Hi Alison

Sometimes dreading the day so much, when it arrives it isn't as bad as you expected. Allow yourself to wallow if you want to, there is no hard and fast rule. These pets mean so much to us, it isn't about getting a grip, it is about dealing with the loss the way we feel we need to. Thinking of you. Fiona xx

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