Why does it still hurt so much?

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#373 - by Fiona >> Sun Nov 11th, 2012 11:11 pm

On the 14th november it will be a year since we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy Louis.
There still isn't a day that goes past that I don't shed a tear. I still find it so hard to have lost him so young. It's so unfair. It kills me to think that he suffered and that I couldn't do anything to help him.
I miss you so much my little prince, never a day goes past when you're not in my thoughts, always in my heart Louis.
Miss you terribly xxx
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Dear Fiona
I dont believe the pain of losing a loved one...be they a human or treasured animal companion (and most of us spend more time with our pets then some family members!) ever really goes away,but you do learn to live with it.To grieve is healthy...it is normal...and the length of time taken is totally individual.There is no right or wrong in the grieving process....unless it has drastic adverse effects on your well being or safety.I lost my beloved pony Ted 2 1/2yrs ago...after 16yrs together....and i too think of him everyday.....but now i can do it with a smile and happiness.It will come to you Fiona.....it just takes a while. x
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Other comments from Facebook:

Sandra Keeley: My beloved Lucy passed away almost a year ago. I'm dreading the anniversary. I still miss her so much.

Tina Bryan: My baby Charlie dog only been gone since July this year I feel as though I will never be the same without him. I shed a tear every time I think of him and that's often. I'm sure one day my heart will stop aching. Miss you Charlie

Arlene McVeigh: my beloved jrt Toff passed away over 2yrs ago and not a day goes by that i do not think of her. miss her so much she was my best friend. x
The Ralph Site Admin
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#376 - by Fiona >> Tue Nov 13th, 2012 07:35 am

Lindsay, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. For me at the moment I feel anger and real raw pain. It's the unfairness that I feel, I feel he was robbed of his years. He was only 6. He was the best behaved dog you could ever meet. Never wanted to do wrong, always did as he was told. A heart of gold. Not like my other two! People say well you have got two other dogs! I've got three children, but if God forbid I lost one of them, would the other two make up for it, of course not they are all individuals and we love them all separately.
Anyhow the dreaded first anniversary is tomorrow. I will deal with everyday as it comes. Thanks again.
Love you always Louis. Xx
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Hi Fiona,

I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing okay today. I'm sure it is a very difficult time but hopefully you have been able to do something positive to remember Louis today. He sounds like a wonderful wonderful boy.

Take care.
Shailen (The Ralph Site founder)
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#378 - by Fiona >> Wed Nov 14th, 2012 08:25 pm

Hi Shailen

Thank you so much for your kind words. I have been dreading today. Last night I went through all the memories of our last night with Louis. He was really poorly and the night seemed to never end. It was a Sunday night and it was a relief when day light came, but equally we knew it was the day to say goodbye to him.
Can I say this website has been fantastic and such a God send to me. Everyone has been so kind especially you Shailen. The kindest thing happened today was that my vet rang to see how I was as she knew it was "the day". It broke my heart that she rang and talked about Louis, but equally it hit my heart how kind and thoughtful she was.
I hope there is a rainbow bridge and I hope my little boy is playing happily with everyone's treasured furry boys and girls. Waiting for me until we can be together again.

Thank you again.
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That is very good to hear Fiona that your vet remembered and took the time to ring you. Vets sometimes get a bad press about our priorities so I am glad to hear that.

I always think that once in a while it is useful for us to expose ourselves to the extent of our grief, confront how we are feeling head on, have a cry if that is how we feel...As long as it is under check and not excessive I think it is helpful for moving forward with time. Although as we always say, there are no rules about this sort of thing as such.

Take care.
Shailen (The Ralph Site founder)
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I lost Vinnie 6 months ago and someone robbed him of his life at just 3 but I was the one that let him go out that night. I will always hate April 22nd but I'm still pretty much hating every day. I have a rescue kitten and a surviving older cat. I love them and become over protective of them but I would give my house to have that night again and do it dfferently. :(
Rosie G
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Rosie, I saw your post and felt I had to reply - I lost my boy in similar circumstances so I know how you feel. Hang in there x
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Hi Fiona. I hope you are ok, and having gone through the day that marks the first anniversary of Louis passing,I expect that you still feel the same and remember him every day bless him. I also face the 1st anniversary of losing my Honey girl (yellow labrador) to a nasty nasal cancerous tumour. She had her 10th Birthday on the 10th December 2011,and 2 days later on the 12th December, I had no choice but to call my vet to visit at my home, and help her pass peacefully.I wanted her at home and not at the vets as it just seemed right,and she was in pain, so it would have been even more distressing for her.Like you,although she did reach 10 years old,I felt it was before her time,and the vet even said, she was of no great age was she! So to lose Louis at 6 years must be even worse.Poor lamb. I am not looking forward to tomorrow,but will light a pink candle out of respect because she was such a beautiful dog,and I am struggling just like you are, dealing with the loss.Reading others comments,it seems it should ease with time,but right now it is still very painful.Take care and just grieve Fiona and remember the good times with Louis, that is what I try to do with my Honey.Judy.xxx
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Hi Fiona,
We all share the pain and know how difficult it is.
I will miss my Daisy forever, nothing will ever replace her.

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