Favourite quotes and poems (page 3)

I was young!
I ran like the wind and
The world glistened, fresh and new
With each season.
Colorful leaves raced across the lawn,
Crisp and elusive.
Snowflakes danced in howling winds,
But winter posed no threat....
I was young!
Each season blended into the next,
And each displayed its beauty.
The years passed.
Your joys were mine, as were your sorrows;
Our love grew in understanding and
I served you faithfully.
Now, out of your love for me
 ask you courage.
I am old!
My sight has dimmed.
I no longer greet each season with joy.
I cannot run and my body knows pain.
So have the wisdom, dear friend, out of love,
To bid me farewell, and send me on my way with dignity.
And cherish each season that we shared,
For they are eternity.

(Jean Foster)

Two poems by Leslie Palleria:

As I watch you from above
I remember all of your love
I thank you for adopting and accepting me 
And for the food and many treats
For the hugs and gentle pets
And for the kisses on my head
The quiet times lying on your lap 
And for letting me sleep on the bed 
For reassuring me when I was afraid
And the silly voices and funny names
For keeping me well and happy
And making me a part of your family 
For the catnip toys and fuzzy mice
And for playing with me even late at night
Please don't ever think you let  me down 
To me you were the most special mom
Please don't remember how we had to part
I am with you always in your heart
I am the wind on a warm night
And in the flight of each new butterfly
When you think of me look inside your heart
I live there always and we are never far apart 
When you're sad and missing me
Just whisper my name and you will see
I promise one day we will meet again 
Just keep me in your heart until then
I am in the water, rain and wind at night
I walk beside you as your guide
So live every moment of this life
And know I am still by your side 
One day soon we'll meet again
Know I am still with until then
As I watch you from above
All I remember is your love
We are never really far apart
Thank you, mom, you are my heart


I'll  see you in my dreams tonight
My gentle, loving friend
Just know my love is with you
Even in the distance, it never ends

I still miss you each night
And think of you each day
I still look by the window
And where your toys would lay

I know that you're still with me
There's a place still in my heart
Where you left your pawprints 
Even though we had to part

You'll never be forgotten 
As not a day goes by
That I don't remember 
The way you changed my life

I know you walk beside me 
And you're with me every day
I know you're waiting for me
And we will be together someday 

I will hold you in my heart
And remember you, my friend
As I know that one day 
We will  meet again

Leslie is Co-editor of Cats Remembered Forever on Facebook.