Can't believe he's gone

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My beautiful boy died suddenly 6 days ago after a short illness. He was only about 10. I can't believe he's gone. This is the worst grief I've ever had. I've taken 6 days annual leave and plan to start working from home again the day after next if I'm able. I'm really struggling. I don't want the grief to end but I have to work and be there for my family.
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So sorry to hear about this. I am sure no words can soothe you at the moment. It is so early in your grief.

I hope the information on this site and on our blog will be helpful. It speaks to what you are going through.

If you use Facebook please join our private group which is full of like-minded pet carers always willing to show support and comfort. It is here

The Pet Bereavement Support Service is also a great source of support by phone or email. Their details are here

Thinking of you,

The Ralph Site Admin
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Hello Glossy
I'm so sorry but I've only just read your post.
I am wondering how your are? The grieving process is very intense, and it can often be two steps forward, four back.

My cats are my children, and on each occasion I have lost one, the grief is unbearable. One of my cats, my beautiful big chunky boy, passed away at the start of 2015. I was beyond distraught. I took 2 weeks off work but I became so depressed I could barely function.

Nobody seemed to understand the depth of my grief and hurting, and I felt alone.

Talking to a Blue Cross Pet Loss counsellor helped, and I recommend this to all, especially when the feelings around loss and guilt are so strong.

5 years on, I still think a lot about my boy, and I still shed a year or two. But, it is remembering him with positive, happy memories about our time together.

Wishing you all the best


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