How do I help the furbaby left behind?

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Hi Everyone
I'm new to the forum but need some advice and help please?

I had to have my sweet little Lily put to sleep last week.

I got her and her sister at about 5 weeks (rescued them both from a horrible situation) and she was 18 and a half. I loved her and her sister soo much but she had developed inoperable cancer, so I had no option.

Obviously, I am devastated but know I made the right decision.

My problem now is that her sister Phil is pining for her. She is very clingy and won't leave my side (which is fine, I will give her all the cuddles she needs). She keeps going down to the kitchen in the middle of the night and yowling, which she has never done before and again, that's fine, I go down and get her and snuggle her etc.

However, my worry is that she has stopped eating. She was always the one that scoffed down her food and never missed a meal. Now she eats a couple of bites and then walks away.

I've tried giving her some treats like tuna etc and still getting the same response.

I couldn't bear it if I lost her as well because of this.

Does anyone have any ideas please?
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Dear Mandy, I am so sorry to read about your sweet Lily; such a sad time and I can understand how you are worrying about her sister Phil. I have only had one cat at a time, but understand that cats grieve as we do and it must be a worry for you, especially as she has stopped eating. If this carries on maybe your vet would be able to help; bless her; they were obviously very close and had such a happy and contented life with you for a long time. I do , and feel for you dear Mandy; you have lost sweet Lily and now little Phil is obviously grieving for her. and worrying you. Let me know how Phil is getting on and always here for you Mandy; Hugs x Penny x

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