Cassie taken far to soon

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Yesterday was one of the most horrible days of my life. My very special rescue dog Cassie was killed by being hit by a car. We were walking in Bridport high street with Cassie on a short lead a tight collar.
She had no problems with traffic or busy places. All of a sudden she pulled violently backwards with such force she slipped her collar. I believe she had been stung by a wasp. In her desperation to get away she ran into the road and was hit by a car. She died almost at once.

I saw it happen and picked her up from the road to move to the pavement. She was bleeding profusely and I was covered in it.

She was dead. She was our 5th rescue dog in 52 years. We had only had her 11 months. She was neglected and unloved for 3 years and she took a little time to trust us but in the end she was most loving,playful and trustworthy with everyone. She only barked when she played. She never caused any problems in the house even if we had to leave her.

Now she is gone and my final memory of her is being hit by the car and her poor injured body. Those images are haunting and unbearable.
I feel guilty that she could get out of her collar even though it was tight. I used the two finger gapping but made it tighter. I can't understand how she slipped out of it.Panic at being stung is my only thought.
Thank you for reading this as it has helped write it down l

Thank you

Les Steele
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Dear Les,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Cassie sounds adorable. I am sure that the circumstances in which this happened are making the challenge that much harder for you. It is different for all of us yet I had a similar situation with Ralph (after whom this site is named). I never used to let him out at night. One night I did because Buddy, his neighbourhood cat friend came knocking on the cat flap for him! Well, he never came home that night. I had to collect him from the roadside the next morning. It was very difficult to see him like that. As a veterinary surgeon I am much more used to seeing cats like that than others would be so I cannot imagine how it must be for you.

It sounds like you took very good care of Cassie and she was lucky to find a home with you. I hope that in time you will be able to move forward through your loss.

I am sorry that these forums do not get much engagement anymore. However if you use Facebook, please do join our private group which has a very active and supportive community.

Thinking of you at this time,

Shailen (Founder)
The Ralph Site Admin
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Thank you for your kind words. I dont use FB but I have found your site comforting and useful.

Les Steele
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Hello Les I am so sorry to hear what happened to Cassie, it sounds so traumatic and sad, a freak accident that you had no control over, i can imagine how heartbroken you are, i am thinking of you and hope that you are able to look after yourself and get the support you need. Cassie would have known everyday how much you loved her , she sounds a brave and wonderful girl, take care Les
sue turner
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Thank you Sue
Les Steele
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Hello Les

How are you?

Cassie sounds a wonderful dog, and your love for her really shines through.

What a terribly tragic accident. There was absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent or stop it, it is one of those unbearable flukes which we have no control over. Thankfully, Cassie would have not experienced pain or suffering, and you were there with her. I'm sure in her final brief moments she would have sensed your comforting presence.

The grieving process is often a long and difficult one; for me it seemed 2 steps forward, 4 back as the weeks passed. What did help me was talking via email with a pet bereavement counsellor via The Blue Cross. It's free and you can either phone the helpline or request email support. I found it particularly helpful with the terrible guilt and overwhelming sense of loss that took over my life.

Remember that Cassie had a wonderful life with you and was (and is) so loved. Her passing was sudden, and she did not suffer.

Although a cliché, time is a healer, and you will 'come through the other side' with all the joyous, wonderful memories you had with your beloved Cassie.

One last thing: have you thought about making a small memorial for Cassie indoors or garden? Could be planting a rose in her memory, or having a plaque dedicated to her? Whatever feels right...

Take care

Best wishes

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Hi Michelle

Thank for your reply and kind words. I have been in touch with The Blue Cross just after it happened and I did find it helped. I have also set up a memorial for Cassie. As you say time will heal and I will learn to deal with the flashbacks of that terrible day. We will look for another rescue dog as soon as we feel the time is right. We cant imagine life without a dog.
Thank you again

Les Steele
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Hi Les

Thanks for the update, I'm so pleased you contacted The Blue Cross and found it helpful. How lovely you have made a memorial to Cassie, I'm sure this brought you a lot of comfort!

I'm also glad to hear you will have another dog in due course, when you feel the time is right. Pets bring so much unconditional love, joy and comfort to us, and you have such a wonderful, loving home to offer to a rescue dog.

Take care Les,

Best wishes


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