I'm 1000 miles away and he died. I'm lost

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I don't know where to begin what to do. I just feel shaky and keep stopping myself from asking what if or why didn't I. We are 1000 miles away and our 9.5 yr is bullmastiff just died in my daughters arms. Out of the blue his heart gave out. I drove 350 miles today and stopped for the night to rest. I'm driving the rest tomorrow and my husband didn't want to go home because then it will be real. I'm telling myself to breathe, eat, sleep. I'm functioning but I can't stop shaking inside. I am so scared of how this is affecting our family already.
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I am so sorry to read about this KAD. The shock of the unexpected loss and being so far away. I am sure these things make it that much worse for you.

Do you use Facebook? We have a 24/7 private community on there that will be there for you and your family as you grieve. You can find it here:


Thinking of you all,

The Ralph Site Admin

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