Tributes from our Facebook page

In addition to the tributes to new and current furry friends being created here on the Ralph site, below are some of the gorgeous photos and words of admiration posted on our Facebook page by pet carers.

Becci's clan!

Becci's clanAll but one of our cats.We have Zeus,Tigerlilly,Thor,Midnight,Princess and Shadow (Becci Govan)






Betsy Boo

Gillian's Betsy BooThis is Betsy Boo Boo xx (Gillian Welsh)











Hannah's ChipMy dog Chip hugging my bottle lol he's a chihuahua cross pom (Hannah Saberton)











Rachel's GingeGinge, one of our rescue cats. Got him when weighed 7kgs, slowly getting him to lose weight! Looking much healthier already! (Rachel Chambers)







Lure and Malani

Jay's Lure and MalaniThis is Lure and Malani. Lure is the little girl. Lure and I first met 6 years ago when I coxed her into taking some of my food. She has been feral and out doors through some tough winters. One year she got trapped on a hillside because of the drifts of snow. I climbed to her and fed and watered her there, When she got down she still would not come inside and let me close the door behind her. I Rescued Malani after some bad family left him to fend for himself at the local barn. He has been here 3 years. I think he was the one who really convinced Lure to come inside and stay warm. She does really love him. (Jay Bird McNeil)



Rachel's MickeyMickey from Cat's Protection. Soppiest and most daft cat in the world! As soon as I walk through the door of an evening, he refuses to leave my side! (Rachel Chambers)









Oleo and Betsy

Gillian's Oleo and BetsyOleo and Betsy best of friends :) xx (Gillian Welsh)








Gillian's Oleo 
My gorgeous precious special little man Oleo (Gillian Welsh)







Carole's Peepshere's Peeps..............having a rest in the bath.....!!!!! (Carole Burman)







Rach's Pepper "This is the new addition to our family, hopefully he will become a good playmate for our middle cat who is missing the one we lost a short while ago." (Rach Hibbitt)











Marian's RalphThis is me. I am Ralph. (Marian May)





Marian's RalphAnother pic of me taking up space by the computer. Well, he should be tending to me! (Marian May)






Becci's RustyAnd then there was 8.This is our beautiful new boy Rusty who has finally found the loving home he deserves.He is so affectionate and friendly.He's only been with us for 4 days but it feels like he has always been here.xx (Becci Leonard)






Becci's ShadowShadow is such a big softy.He plays Daddy to all our other 6 cats.He is just the best.x (Becci Leonard)






Jennifer's TazzThis is our dog Tazz he will be 8 in two weeks time and he is my best friend.
(Jennifer Kelly)






Clare's ThomasHere's our gorgeous Thomas doing his meerkat impression. (Clare Woollett)