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Unknown - 23/04/12
Human family: Beth,Gail,Steven
Photo(s) of Topsy (1)


We have already done a memorial on her but that was my mum. When i wanted a cat a few years ago, i started asking my mum please could i have one? my friend antonia had her but she wasn't wanted so we took Topsy home. She brought so much happiness into our lives that words could not describe! she was my furbaby, my bestfriend, she wasn't just a cat, she was part of the family. I will always love her, Me& topsy had such a strong bond that nobody could brake. i was at my nans over the weekend. when i got home i noticed there was something wrong, i went upstairs and she was just sat there all limp, i called her name, and normally she gets up and just jumped all over me, but she didn't. she just sat up and tried to walk over to me, she realised she couldnt and sat down. i knew there was something wrong. we thought it was just a sore leg or something. we took her to the vets the next day, and i will always remember the words i said to her in the morning 'its just a sore leg baby, dont worry, we'll get it fixed after school.' i met mum&topsy at the vets straight after school. we got told that it was kidney disease, after a few blood tests they realised the nicest thing would be to put her to sleep, i couldn't believe that my beautiful furbaby was being taken away from me, that day was the hardest thing ever. I miss you so much baby girl! your wrapped your tail around my heart and walked over it with your beautiful little feet. i love you so much 'EARS'. your in the arms of the angels now, you have earned your wings. r.i.p beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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