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01/02/97 - 29/12/12

Abbey was my constant only company for nearly 16 years, i am so grateful for her love. I am heartbroken as i had to have my beautiful girl put to sleep so suddenly as she devoloped a bowel problem. I miss you so much. Part of my heart went with you. Miss you my wonderful Siamese Lady Love you until we meet again xx

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14/05/89 - 22/01/05

Beautiful black and white boy. Got from the Cats Protection League at 8 weeks along with his sister Victoria. A mummy's boy who had to be picked up and cuddled like a child, sat on my lap at the PC, followed me about the house, loved to be called Bubsy. Fell asleep for ever in my arms at home from kidney failure aged nearly 15yrs.

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Unknown - 04/10/08

Albert came to me from a rescue centre and he quickly became the love of my life! Being a rescue dog he had a few 'issues' and was very (over)protective of me. If anyone tried to get in the room I was in he would growl and snarl at their ankles... even if Albert and I were just visiters in somebody else's home!!! Albert was my best friend, my baby boy and my angel. I love and miss him dearly but he will never be forgotten.

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Unknown - 23/10/12

Albi, you were just a baby, and it wasn't your time. I don't know why you had to go so soon, and even though our time together was short, you were still one in a million to me. May Father Satan look after your soul, sleep well baby girl, I miss you

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Unknown - 30/01/13

alfie my big lad i had you from 6 months from same dogs home as bonnie he was a big softie bonnie was boss we loved our walks brought me comfort when bonnie passed alfie you was only 8yrs when your back legs went your with bonnie i miss you both so much love you always xxxxx

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Unknown - 18/07/13

Alfie what can i say about you, you made me laugh so much both you and Vince i miss you so much, the next day at school i just cried and everyone asked why and i said one of my bestfriends died and he was a hamster. i just want you to know that i will never forget you or vince you where my boys xx :'( it breaks my heart knowing that your not coming back i miss you a lot

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14/05/09 - 14/05/11

Very, very precious and loving memories of the beautiful ginger fur baby Alfie who stole my heart and broke it when you left me on the evening of your second Birthday (due to poisoning by some sick individual) I cannot put into words how much you meant to me as there are not enough loving words in the entire Universe. I miss you every single day and want to cuddle you so much it hurts. Your brothers still look for you too and Dougal sits on your grave like a sentry. You will never ever be forgotten my bestest little buddy...Hope you have lots of little friends to play with at Rainbow Bridge until I leave this earth and come and find you. RIP Alf Smalf..

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10/06/10 - 23/02/12

i loved you so much and you loved me we had a special bond , it hurts so much that you had to leave me so soon . one day soon when the tears have gone i will be able to remember with happiness the joy that i had with you every day i saw your little face it filled my heart with such overwhelming love now your gone and i cant seem to stop the tear and the pain in my heart is crushing miss you forever my precious baby xxxx

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20/03/08 - 17/04/15

My gorgeous boy Alfie taken from us far too soon at just 7 years old. Losing you was made all the more devastating because the news that you were so ill came as such a terrible shock. You were my gift to myself for my birthday and you gave us all so much through your short life. You were such a character, opinionated on the music you heard, choosy on the people and other dogs you liked. You were loving and loyal and so sensitive. I couldn't have loved you more each and every day and I will continue to love you and miss you for each and every day to come

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Unknown - 07/09/18

Alfie, you were the dearest and most loving dog in our family. After a bad start at a puppy farm where you spent approx. the first 5 traumatic years of your life, you came to us, an emotional mess. With all our other rescues you gained your spirit and moved forward in baby steps. You were very protective of the other dogs and would go to the end of the earth to ensure their safety. So for 6 years you were our little darling until you developed lymphoma at age 11. You went downhill quickly and our lovely vet helped you over the rainbow bridge when things became too difficult for you. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and one day we'll meet again. Love from Mum and Dad and your other nine doggie friends xxx

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