Today We Remember

Below are animal friends that passed away on this day and for whom there are memorials on The Ralph Site.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page.

Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared to Facebook.


08/09/01 - 18/04/17

Bella was sweetness personified. She was beautiful, darling, loving and a once in a lifetime girl. She was dearly loved. We are so grateful we had her for 15 years.

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Unknown - 18/04/18

I heard two vehicles speeding and a massive bang. I ran 100 yards to see what had happened and there was a poor cat in the middle of the road. it was obvious he wasn't going to make it and all I could do was scoop him up, sit on the pavement, talk to him so he knew he wasn't alone and kiss his head. No idea who he was but in those moments as the life drained from his body I loved him as much as I do my own cats.He had no collar on, he was beautiful, large, black, possibly male, about 6 - 10 years old. The poor lady who saw it happen had nearly been run off the road by the car and the white van man who hit him. The van didn't brake or stop but karma is around the corner. I am trying to locate the owner as someone must be missing a beloved pet. If the owner is never traced at least I will remember this precious cat. RIP, run free safe from your pain. xxxx

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23/05/99 - 18/04/17

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20/05/95 - 18/04/12

my beloved kit, nearly seventeen years of affection, joy and comfort we shared. i miss you each day, you taught me so much. if i ever let you down, i did not mean to. I never thought you would get ill or old and have to leave me, i thought you would always be in my life. i am just adjusting to you being in my life but not physically. i miss you meeting me at the door and stroking you as you lay on me. i miss you finding me when you needed a love. i miss sitting in the garden with you on my lap, pud. i truly love you, thank you for all the years of pure happiness and giggles we shared. my little soulmate and friend, my little kitten and clever, creative loving cat

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26/09/00 - 18/04/12

My sweet "Boo Bear"... You gave me more than 11 years of unconditional love, wanting only the same in return. I miss you and your sister so much, but I will see you again one day. Mummy xx

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15/04/96 - 18/04/13

Dear Puss, you were always my little Shadow. Following me about no matter where I was. If I was in the garden lying out in the sun, there you'd be too. If I was watching TV in the sitting room, there you'd be too, always keeping a close eye on me! And if I moved, you moved and always gave me a little special chirrup of recognition and love. You were 17 when you died, and you left your twin brother behind and bereft... He's now deaf, so he depended on you for his comings and goings... We all miss you little Puss. Especially in the summer time when you were always to be found in your favourite spot in the garden or in your soft bed on the back of Dad's bike.. Miss you and love you forever xxxxx My little Shadow.

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24/08/03 - 18/04/18

In memory of our beloved dog REN, she was a much loved member of our family and will never be forgotten and loved forever. she was our big fluffy teddy bear. loved forever gone but not forgotten

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01/12/88 - 18/04/05

to my darling Rex,,,still missing you like crazy after all these years,so wish you were still you so much and always will you never ever be forgotten,,,,,,,,,you gave us so many happy years,,,,, we had many happy years together,,,,,,,, R I P DARLING

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01/12/88 - 18/04/05

to my darling Rex,,,,,,,,still missing you after all these years like mad and wishing you were still gave us many happy years,,,and spent so many happy years together,,,,you will never be forgotten and will be in our thoughts and hearts forever,,,R I P MY FANTASTIC DARLING BOY

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18/05/87 - 18/04/04

Tammy was hand reared by me from eight days old along with her sisters Dinky and Tigger. She was not an affectionate cat, very straight laced, a bit like a posh elderly lady most of her life. She used to love sitting on the windowsill watching the lightening during storms. She was put to sleep after a massive fit a month short of 17 years old. A grand old lady.

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