Today We Remember

Below are animal friends that passed away on this day and for whom there are memorials on The Ralph Site.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page.

Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared to Facebook.


09/07/99 - 25/03/11

So much loved and full of fun and mischief Loved by her pal Westie Mac who was only weeks old when we brought him home and Carrie was 3 and mothered him he was too soon away from his mum We love her so much and miss her and Mac does too but she is in Rainbow Bridge now and safe and well and will maybe have met up with Candy our other Yorkie who died in 1999

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Unknown - 25/03/14

Goodbye Ginger even though i look you in from the streets from your harsh life for only a short while i still loved you. you are in a better place now and i will make sure that the sick pigs who poisoned you with anti freeze and dumped your body pay for what they did.

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Mr Jenkins

Unknown - 25/03/13

It's almost a year since you left us Jenky and there is not a day that passes that I don't think of you. You were a very special cat, one that I will hold dearly in my heart forever. You lived with us for 3 short years, I only wish we could have had longer with you. Sleep well my little friend, until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Miss you every day xxx

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01/01/00 - 25/03/13

Rex was my special Millennium puppy. Every Cavalier King Charles has a sweet nature, and Rex was no exception. He stayed by my side for 13 years, my little shadow, showering love and affection on my husband and son, but reserving all his most special welcomes for me. He took such pleasure in our walks and waited patiently as I stopped to gossip with the neighbours, in return for which he was allowed to dawdle along and sniff his way merrily around the neighbourhood or break loose and chase squirrels in the Park. He was good and happy right until the end, when I took the heartbreaking decision to choose sleep for him rather than subject him to the myriad of medication and tablets which I was told might inhibit but would not prevent the inevitable decline into heart failure. I cried bitter tears as I held him in my arms as he slipped away. We miss Rex dreadfully. Each day drags past and I still come home hoping to see his little nose pressed up against the front window waiting expectantly for me. The centre of our home is missing. Rex's little toenails are indented everywhere on our wooden floors, and across our hearts. We are so glad we had the opportunity to love him and be loved in return

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