Today We Remember

Below are animal friends that passed away on this day and for whom there are memorials on The Ralph Site.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page.

Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared to Facebook.


31/07/93 - 24/07/09

Dylan had the loveliest nature of any pet I've ever had. He was gentle and companionable. I miss him and saying goodbye to him as the Vet put him to sleep was the hardest thing I've ever done.

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02/02/97 - 24/07/13

My darling boy Jack, i will love you forever and ever, i am so lucky to have had you in my life, i will never forget you. The way you showered me with affection every day of your life, you will never know how much joy and happiness you brought to me. my life is empty without you. RIP my little one, i love you so much, and i know one day we will be together again xx

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11/04/01 - 24/07/11

Jude 2 years ago today we had the hard task of having to let you go.You were such a loving and happy dog though you had much suffering in your life with the help of some good vets we tried to give you the best life that you could possibly have,and i think we did as some days you could still see the cheeky pup in you.We still love and miss you loads. Run free my friend. If it should be that I grow frail and weak And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then will you do what must be done, For this--the last battle--can't be won. You will be sad I understand, But don't let grief then stay your hand, For on this day,more than the rest, Your love and friendship must stand the test. We have had so many happy years, You wouldn't me to suffer so. When the time comes, Please,let me go. Take me where,to my needs they'll tend, Only, stay with me till the end And hold me firm and speak to me Until my eyes no longer see. I know in time you will agree It is a kindness you do to me. Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I have been saved. Don't grieve that it must be you Who has to decide this thing to do, We've been so close--we three--these years, Don't let your heart hold any tears.

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Unknown - 24/07/05

Pav,I love you so much and its a shame you left my family 6 year ago.I really miss you and your fluffy hair and all the cuddles you gave me and i miss you licking me.Pav i hope that i will see you one day in heaven across the rainbow bridge.And till then Hugs and kisses from the family.We love you and We miss you Pav xxx From Lauren(age 11) xx

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Spunky, aka Spongy

01/06/02 - 24/07/11

You know, words can not express my true feelings about you leaving me. The biggest thing that I have to deal with is not being there for you when you breathed your last breath. I am so sorry for leaving you and Maggie behind when I decided to go abroad and study. But, I never dreamed you would get sick with kitty diabetes and eventually die from it. At least not so soon. I'm glad that I got to spend time with you in April when I went to visit. I'm grateful that your grandma was there to hold you and tell you that you're precious when I wasn't able to be there. I love you and you will be forever missed.

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Unknown - 24/07/13

We got TJ little brown fur ball, originally to keep our other cat (Sooty) company, unfortunately a fox took Sooty away from us in 2011. So we got TJ a little friend Tiny who's like a little fluffy white toy. Tj was a lovely, shy, timid cat indoors and happy and confident outside. Possible because of his poor living conditions he was born into the family we bought him from shouldnt have had any animals it was a disgusting environment and im sure they only had cats to make few bucks. Regardless we took him home had him seen to by a VET ASAP gave Tj a lovely home and he was well loved, it seemed we where making progress with his confidence indoors he was begining to talk inside never use t do that before, but then unfortunately last week Wednesday on my way to work at 7am I found my baby laying on the pavement he bleed internally possibly hit by a car in the early hours. Words can't explain the grief Tiny his little cat brother and his all his owners feel. We miss him dearly. He was so confident in the garden it was is favourite place to be so we buried you there and hope you are happy in the sky possibly with Sooty. missing like crazy and all my sky cats. RIP TJ I wish you peace. Tiny misses you like crazy I can see him looking out the window for you. He still half eats his jelly and looks to see if your going to finish it for him. But don't worry too much your big brother TIger is looking after him and finishing the food for you now. xxx

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Unknown - 24/07/13

I found you on a hot day in February in 1997 at a train station. Someone had left you there to fend for yourself. It was love at first sight. You became a faithful companion to us, found a soul mate in our other dog Junior and a play mate in our cat Circe. We love you and miss you forever and can't wait to see you again. My little honey man, we really miss you.

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