Today We Remember

Below are animal friends that passed away on this day and for whom there are memorials on The Ralph Site.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page.

Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared to Facebook.


15/09/96 - 19/07/09

although i have as new friend to love well 2 love me shes not independent like u was she is in fact the opposite and baby your ginger boy (our cat who loved u) hates her and still looks for you daily we didnt even need a lead for u i love her just as much but no that as with all pets god unfortunately never grants you with as much time as us so time with pets should be treasured and well spent so i laugh when shes naughty and chews stuff up one day we will all be together again im sorry 4 having to ends your life but i dont regret ending your pain love you always good girl xx

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15/11/10 - 19/07/13

Harry, I miss you so much. It's only been 3 weeks since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but it seems a lifetime ago. I keep expecting to see you run up the garden when I call your name, or see you sleeping beside my pillow. I find it so hard not seeing you around. Alice misses you too, for the first few days she seemed like a lost cat and even now she still sits by your grave in my garden. Wherever you are Harry, I hope you are happy and well, and please remember that you are loved and missed every single day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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21/02/00 - 19/07/14

Today my still wounded heart is yet again broken. We had to say goodbye to our sweet little doggy girl, Jelena. Since my Mum passed, she has been a constant by my side. A support that I will at first be lost without. She brought so much joy, happiness, laughter, and love to our lives. May your journey over the rainbow bridge be easy and may you run free & play hard with all of the other pets who have passed before you. I love you my special girl. xo :.( ♥

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15/06/11 - 19/07/13

tango was our baby boy! he was the youngest of 4 cats but the most loving, he loved cuddles and sitting with one of us at night snuggled into our necks! he was more like a dog than a cat! my youngest son called him mans best friend (but a cat)! he had never had any problems at all then one night we went to bed where he was layed and something wasn't right! he following day he was fine so though no more of it then the day after (sat) he was crying in pain and hunched up so we took him to the vets and he had to stay in over the weekend the house felt empty! he came home on the Monday but wasn't himself but put it down to his medication and the fact he was getting over been ill with cystitis then Thursday 18th July he got hidden and took us an hr and half to find him! when we did he was in a dark corner! we go him out and put him into a cage we have so we knew where he was and we didn't think any more of it we left him quiet and went shopping then when we came back a few hrs later he still didn't seem right so back to the vets we went who again kept him in and sent us home! I rang on the Friday morning he was fine and would know more later so I rang again in the afternoon when I was told he was on his 2nd bag of saline and sitting up taking notice so everyone was happy and not worried! then at 10.55pm the phone rang and I knew straight away who It was so I answered he phone and expected he worst, I could here tango in he back ground crying in pain and the vet old me he had had a fit that had coursed a stroke or heart attack and the best thing to do would be to let him go so I got my dad to stay with our kids and myself my husband and my mum went through to be with him! my husband couldn't do it so he stayed in the car so me and my mum went in and were with him has he went for his forever sleep at 11.55pm (we call it that as its easier for our 7yr old to understand)! the vet wrapped him in a blanket for me and was so gentle doing so then we brought him home where we layed him in his favourite chair for the night and he following morning we layed him to rest in our garden and have now made him a little forever bed where we can go out and sit quiet or talk to him! we buy him little windmills ect :) miss him so so much and the house feels so empty without him here as he other 3 cats don't come for a fuss (infact they prefer to be upstairs) so I miss that so much!! I wish he was still here and keep asking why him but then that's normal I am told!! thank you for reading tangos story xxx

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