Today We Remember

Below are animal friends that passed away on this day and for whom there are memorials on The Ralph Site.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page.

Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared to Facebook.


Unknown - 13/12/11

Still missing you so much Baby Jane house is so empty without you. Hope you are being looked after & loved. God I miss the way you looked at me I love you so much and it hurts so much I thought you'd live forever I've never felt so much pain. We'll meet again some day Baby Jane don't you dare forget me all my love Mum xx

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Unknown - 13/12/12

Arwen, there really aren't enough words to express how much you meant to me and how much I miss you. You had such funny little ways and you were so brave the way you coped with your health problems. You were blind, had heart disease and kept getting cat flu but you were still always so happy. Your love of food was legendary and I'll never forget how delighted you looked every time I fed you. As a memorial I've set up a page dedicated to your memory at Miss you my little furry curry monster xxx

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Unknown - 13/12/11

Lovely cat,cute,aways remeber by us all my beautiful cat we miss you very much.she is aways in our hearts

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25/02/11 - 13/12/13

Monty was our little buddy, he made our lives complete. He loved his morning cuddles with Jamie and he loved his little treats. We will always love you and you will be in our hearts forever. Take care Monty Don, our surrogate son, until we are all back again together. RIP.

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