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17/08/98 - 15/05/12
Human family: John & Fiona Williamson
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Our special wee boy! Teddy bear! Not a day goes by without me, still, shedding tears at the devastation I felt, and still do, at you leaving us. You had no choice, I know... you were so ill, and it came on so suddenly, and your wee body just couldn't cope anymore! And you made the choice for yourself .... your Daddy and I never had to make that dreadful decision...but then, the pain at not being with you in your last few hours, is a pain and regret that will live with me forever! But we had to give you the best chance of fighting it, that's why we left you with the vet.... a place you unfortunately knew so well ... but it was just too much for you this time! The sheer terror of our phone ringing at 2.00 in the morning...I instantly knew... When we came to see you in the morning, to give you one final kiss and cuddle, you were so cold... I wrapped you up in the towel ..... I just didn't want to let you go!!! Even the nurses were so upset, at losing one their favourite regulars!!!

You were our baby, and you always will be. The nearly-14 years that we had you, just wasn't long enough - no amount of time would ever have been long enough! We miss you so much, my wee Teddy bear. The Poodle shaped, gaping hole you've left in our hearts and lives, will never be fixed. You and I had such a special connection .... you seemed to know, and react to, exactly what I was thinking, without uttering a word! So loving.... but also one of the cheekiest wee dogs I've ever come across .... I don't think people believe me when I say that you always had to have the last word...but you did! Every time!! We miss you desparately my wee man! We'll see you again one day ..... and until then, I hope you're being a good boy up there for Grandma Daisy, Grandad Lowrie and Auntie Betty F.. Love you Ted! xxx

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