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16/05/97 - 12/08/13
Human family: Ann Stuckey
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My little man, my sweet tabby boy, I can't believe you're gone. A phone call to say that you're no longer around has left me cold. I found you as an incey being in a haystack at the stables sixteen years ago! A tiny mite with the most piercing blue eyes and heart-wrenching meaow ever to have existed. I took you home, and you've been the most happy healthy and contented young man ever since. Even at the vets last month you were mistaken for a kitten! Massive eyes, big ears, feet like big slippers, you my boy were simply gorgeous. In your old age you became a bit clumsy and deaf - but your appetite reigned supreme! The table will never be the same without your frowning countenance observing each mouthfull. You never went without though little man! Such a life. Such assured confidence and comical gorgeousness that I'm privileged to have been your 'mum' for a time.

But I wish that I'd been there today, with you, and dad. Dad's on his own these days and i'm in Wales working. So I missed your death and I feel so bad for that. A little stripey person you were who served such a large purpose in my life, and I will never forget you my sweet boy.
Take care my munchkin, my Teddy Teddy T. The T Bird.

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