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26/02/95 - 10/08/13
Human family: Jacqui Empson-High
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Tosca - if first met you in 1999 when I came to lodge with your first guardian, Carol, then I left a year later when my studies finished but I return in 2004 and then nursed Carol in her final illness, promising her I would look after you. I did that but I know that you were looking after me. You were my companion, my friend and my guide. It is thanks you you that I have returned to the path of fulfillment in my life.

When you became ill in the summer of 2012 I did not know how long we had so we tried to spend every moment together. You were always a strong little cat and were determined to hang on until I had some holiday and could dedicate that time to you. It was in the last days of this week that you decided the time was right to leave and journey on. You went to sleep on my lap in the garden you loved at 12.50 on Saturday 10th August 2013 as Alan the vet gently put you to sleep.

The house is too quiet without you, the garden is too still but I can feel you over my shoulder, watching me and giving me a prod with your paw, as you always used to when you wanted something, to keep me on my path. I will always miss you because you were such a special cat. Sometimes I think you thought you were human when you meowed at me.

Your ashes are in a little sleeping cat casket in my dresser. I will always hold you in a special place in my heart and maybe, one day, we will meet again.

Jacqui x

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