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01/04/05 - 12/06/12
Human family: Lynn and Terry Morgan
Photo(s) of Tilly (3)


Our beautiful darling Tilly passed away very unexpectedly late in the evening of 12/06/12. She was in the prime of her life, just seven years old. We had expected to spend so many more years sharing her life and the loss was and is still unbearable. She was our beloved girl who never bothered with anyone else except us, she loved to play chase and the hitting game with me, her mum. She was the tiniest of cats only weighing 2kilos but she didn't half pack a hard slap. She loved to sit in a box or hide in a plastic bag or even more so under the duvet in the best bedroom (her room). I cannot put into words how much she meant to us and how much she is missed - I still cry every day and will do forever. We now have two other shelter babies, Penny and Beau who have helped us immeasurably. To you my darling Tillybilly, the love of my life until we all meet again. xxx

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