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01/04/16 - 03/09/18
Human family: Bds


My cat is gone he was my everything when i feel sad he hugs me and sleep on my shoulder every night i feel guilty bcz i let him out he used to go out and come back but this time some neighbours poisoned him he left alone i can't survive he wasmy all in this life i can't even eat how can i forget him he was such a sweetheart he loved everybody why they killed him i feel terrible i miss him so much i only wanna hug him and touch his paws and smell his sweet perfume how can i live without him my cat that was my all and i can't live without him vet Daniel Fonza told me to check for grieving hotlines in algeria unfortunately we don't have any and i feel bad there's no one to cheer me up and i feel guilty because booboom spent his last hours at the vet clinic away from me and i think he hates me now bcz i was forcing him to take his medications and feed him by the syringe i feel terrible just wanna die i can't survive just cant everything reminds me of him i feel guilty maybe if i didn't took him to the vet he would be alive now please help me what can i do to stop blaming my self and crying, the day he went out i didn't feed my cats i was late so he went out hungry and when he came he couldn't eat so he died hungry and i saw him in my dream saying that he want to eat tuna so i'm crying all the time even to die to go with him and feed him there please tell me that he is with god now and he will give him anything he wants

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