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18/06/14 - 21/04/20
Human family: Kim & Roderick
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My sweet Loesje. From the first moment we met, you chose me. As a tiny kitten you crawled onto my lap and looked up with those big eyes and that was it. There was a connection more powerful than words can describe. We didn't need words to communicate. You were my feline soulmate. The day I heard you were sick my world collapsed. Looking back now, I am so grateful that I knew you were sick. I made myself enjoy every moment to the fullest. I learned not to take you for granted. And spend a little longer in bed cuddling together because work was not as important as you. I had expected the choice to have you put to sleep would be difficult, but actually it was not. You told me it was time to say goodbye. You felt your time had come, and it was my responsibility to let you go with dignity and without pain. You were my world, my everything and having to see you pass away is the hardest thing I ever had to witness. Even though you are no longer with us now, you are still my soulmate and I hope you will wait for me at the rainbow bridge.

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