For The Love Of Ra

A poem written by Angela after the loss of her beloved Ra:

You came into my life
It was meant to be
It was love at first sight
It was destiny
You went a few times
You always came back
No matter what
Right on track
You filled us with joy
With laughter and love
And now I ask
Is Ra up above?
I miss the touch
Of your warm peach skin
The nuzzles and kisses
Under my chin
I smell your blanket
It makes me smile
It brings some comfort
For a while
I”m honoured and privileged
That you chose me
To have your love
For eternity
I will never regret
My time with you
I would do it again
Through and through
This is the price
We pay for love
But I”d rather pay
Than not to have

You loved us so much
And tried so hard to stay
It has broken my heart
Now that you”ve gone away
It was meant to be short
We had nearly seven years
And now you are gone
I have so many tears
My heart does ache
So much for you
But to carry on living
Is what I must do
Ra ! I call your name
Then I suddenly remember
It will never be the same
Especially the 6th of December
These words may seem sad
But I want them to be
Its so very hard
To set you free
So strong is our bond
Even death cannot break
For the memories we made
No-one can take
Our bond is forever
Till the end of time
My love is yours
And your love is mine
One day we”ll be
Together again
You were so special
A true best friend
You are my soul mate
So this has to be
And I know one day
You”ll be waiting for me
Part of me
Has gone with you
I am your mum
And I love you xxx
~ Angela Michelle Barton (20/12/15)