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Unknown - 15/05/15

Dear Halle, my little friend confidante and shadow. I miss your quiet constant presence and the love you always gave me. I miss your unfaltering gaze and the calmness I had in your presence. You never went far or ventured outside of your garden; being content with what you had. You followed me everywhere and I could not sit down with out you climbing on to my lap which is now empty and oh how I wish you were here so I could stroke you one more time. Taz and I miss you and are lost without you; both of us searching for you in your usual places. I tried hard to look after you till the end but finally we had to let go I hope you are at peace and there is no more pain in your poor dear body. Thank you my lovely Halle for all you have given me and I hope you rest easy underneath your tree. Much love always, my Halle xxx

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31/10/98 - 28/08/13

Darling Hamish, such a dear sweet boy. I miss you every day. Playing at the Rainbow Bridge with his brothers Elvis and Jocky.

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15/01/02 - 20/02/15

My little man. So clever, so brave and so missed. Go and see Jake and sort him out, he would have been waiting for you. The pair of you together again. RIP Hamish my beautiful 'little man.'

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Unknown - 31/03/12

Miss u seconds of each day pain and misery never fades away I have pictures everywhere of you to help me get through You brought our family joy you were everyones little boy R. I. P Hamish love you loads <3

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23/04/96 - 17/11/96

My beautiful first Tabby cat. I have to be honest before you I had always been told that cats were nasty and dirty but David, who was then my little boy wanted you so much. I relented and you came home with us and I just fell in love with you. You were so perfect that in the August I got Angus to keep you company. In the November you got out and I spent two long days and nights looking for you, it was cold and wet but it didn't matter because I loved you so much. Then I got a phone call to say you had been found but the relief I felt for a second turned to grief as it appeared you had been run over and had somehow tried to get home but never made it. I must have walked by the spot you where found many many times but I missed you, if only I had of known. It broke my heart and even though many years on, I often think that you would still be with us, older and wiser and also what your personality would have been. Nearly 21 years and I have never forgotten you. It's all because of you that many other cats have been rescued by me and given a forever home and all loved so much. I even named a cat after you, sadly he is now with you (2013) at Rainbow Bridge along with Poppy (2012). Angel is missing but somewhere in my heart I know she has not left me and even though I have searched for her I pray she eventually comes home. You would love your 11 (12 with Angel) brothers and sisters who are here, I got another Tabby a month after I lost you, not to replace you but he had been dumped in a carrier bag and really needed a home where he would be loved. In 2012 I adopted three Tabby girl kittens and you would have loved them. When I look at them I see you and I miss you, I am sad that I only had you in my life for a short time but it's because of you that the others have such a good home. Thank you Hamish, you changed me as a person. You have never been forgotten and I still have Myrtle the turtle the cuddly toy you were so attached to. You're with my Mam, your Nana in the photo, she left me on 4/10/12, I miss her so much and I hope that she's giving you loads of cuddles. Love you my little darling. xxxxxx

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18/05/03 - 01/02/13

Today I had to have my beautiful Hamish put to sleep. It hurt so much to let him go but I loved him so much that I but I could not see him suffering. Reunited at Rainbow Bridge with your sister feline Poppy and the bother you never met also called Hamish. Hamish I will love you forever, my special boy and you shall always be remembered as "Baby". You were a big cuddly giant of a cat with such a gentle laid back nature. When you were born, you were the only kitten so in a way that really did make you unique. Your brothers and sisters are going to miss "monster puss". The tears have not stopped but you are in a better place now. Love you forever and you will never be forgotten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Unknown - 05/11/19

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Unknown - 22/04/13

Harley, my best girl. You were abandoned in a Cattery in Ireland where I met you and took you home with me. We then had 3 happy years together in the UK followed by 8 happy months in Switzerland before you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you. You are always in my heart and will never be forgotten. xx

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Harley Quinn

17/08/11 - 18/08/12

you were smart, cute, funny and unique. you were so proud to have been picked out and a joy to have known. In a year that you was with us you brought so much laughter and in passing so many tears. You were hit by a car the day after you turned one and loosing you I lost a part of me as you were larger than life, a mischief and a joker and I will always love you my little Harley Q xxx

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12/12/20 - 16/08/22

To my beauitful Harlow you were taking to soon from us we all miss and love you so is hard without you in it �'"

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