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Unknown - 01/08/14

My beautiful baby Zak , a police dog reject just too playful and not very brave, their loss my gain. MY boy was one big ball of fun loved to run and play, never a fighter his goal in life was to have fun and protect his people and always be first to the door. Zak was my rock he got me through some crappy times He was my bodyguard my shadow my piece of velcro that was stuck to me constantly. He loved me to he end, never expected a death so sudden from cancer. I would give anything to have him back it feels like I lost part of me now anyway. Zak I had to find strength from somewhere yesterday you were beginning to suffer I had to let you go I hope you understand You are missed by everyone so very very much more than you would ever know. There are a lot of wonderful people and animals in heaven that will be your new flock they will look after you I know until we meett again. I will promise you this my angel Mummy and Daddy love you and miss you terribly, please visit us from time to time I thought I heard you bark last night, Parker is laid on your bed he was looking for you too, Rest in peace my angel,

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Zee zee

04/07/90 - Unknown

my zee zee he was stunnng lost from felins aids so so sad ............

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22/09/11 - 30/07/12

You had such an awful start to life, rehomer several times before you became mine.Happy memories but went far too soon at only 10 months.Waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

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17/09/02 - 29/10/13

Zeus was my best friend and soul dog. He truely was a one of a kind dog. We did everything together n he was my reason to get up every morning n in told him my deepest darkest secrets. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't miss him or think about him? He's left a huge void in my life. I'd give anything to hold him in my arms again. Sleep tight my angel , you are not in pain anymore Until we meet again xx Love you Mom xx

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17/11/05 - 02/06/12

FORGET ME NOT. A dedication to Zeus. Nov 2005. June 2012. 6 ½. Forget me not, for we must say goodbye. Keep me in your heart, and I will never die. The long road ahead may seem very tough, But sure, happy memories are more than enough. Spread my ashes through soul and mind. For my spirit will live on in hearts of those I find. Do not stand beside me and fully weep. Even though the loss may feel very deep. Take comfort in knowing that I loved you, A love we shared, a love that grew. So do not forget me, our love has no end. I’m glad we met, my one true friend.

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06/06/97 - 19/12/14

We will always miss you Ziggywig, your cheeky face and loud meow. All the funny things you did and the way you looked after the other furbabies, Xena, Salem and Phantom who are missing you too. We love you and miss you forever my beautiful boy. Run free at Rainbow Bridge with Zara and Charley and make lots of new friends to wash like you did here.

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15/02/96 - 24/11/13

Ziggy born 1996 died November 24th 2013,17 years senior, Saddly missed, heartbreaking, was a scouse kitty, who had a great character.You are always in our thoughts, Hope your having fun with Rebel and Cosmo , and Simba, forever young. xx

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11/03/98 - 06/02/13

Our little man who left us on 06/02/2013; he was just short of 15 years and we had to do the final act of love, even though it nearly killed us, and pts him as his illness was too much for his body to bare anymore. But what a great time we had together, with memories made that will last forever. He was, and still is, our friend and companion through thick and thin. A shoulder to cry on and a friend to listen and comfort just by tilting his head and putting his paw on you. He loved live and lived it to the full until his last breath. He is now playing by the Rainbow Bridge and together with his "brother" Sam keeping and eye on and guiding his baby sister Bramble who is now with us. I still feel him around and at times see him and Sam out of the corner of my eye. Strange? Possibly but true love and devotion like that never dies. Loving and missing you little man - forever in our hearts. xxxxxxxx

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Unknown - 30/06/14

You will be in our hearts forever Mr Zips

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10/12/97 - 10/10/11

Zoe was not just a pet, she was my guardian, protector and confidant, she brought joy and love to all whom met her. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. To me she was the most beautiful dog in the world. R.I.P Zoe.

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