In this section, you will find an honour roll for all of our beloved companions listed in alphabetical order by the first name. Please click on the letters to see the memorials that have already been added.

Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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Unknown - 09/02/24

Pablo, the craziest hamster there ever was! Your adventures will be forever in our memories. Freedom from the cage with Elvis cat and hiding in a tissue box at 2am! We will miss your podgy little cheeks full of treats and watching you run about in your ball. Our little boy. Sleep tight xx

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24/08/96 - 07/08/12

Paddy you were my best friend now you are my angel still watching out for me. Miss you so much xx

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Unknown - 07/07/08

This is my 'brother' Paddy. He was with me since birth and I had to let him go when I was 13 as he grew as an old man with complications like cancer and kidney problems. The last day I saw him was two days before his death where he was frail and limping so I asked my mum to take him to the vet. I never got to say goodbye as the vets couldn't wait longer for me and he was put to sleep without me being with him. We never got him back as they 'lost' his ashes. The last day I saw him we enjoyed a cuddle and he fell asleep on me. In a way I'm glad I wasn't with him in his final moments as this would have been a huge emotional impact on me and I might have delayed his rest so I'm glad we spent that day together. Paddy will always be my 'Pudge' and I miss him dearly. R.I.P Padd's xx

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Pandora Tat

Unknown - 25/02/12

My perfect Pandora - yes you were practically perfect in every way from the day we collected you from the rescue centre until the day you were taken from us you never once caused a moments trouble. You were beautiful and elegant, quiet and kind to all our other cats. You took on the Kittens as your own when we rescued them at 20 weeks. You taught Atticus how to hunt - oh how he missed you and cried out for you everywhere for days after you left us. Titus was so sad when you died, he would just sit on your grave under you favoutie cherry tree - it was heartbreaking to see. I have a cold space in my bed where you slept with me every night and a hole in my heart now you have gone. It's been 11 weeks since i lost you, the pain has not diminished. Our time together was perfect, since you have gone nothing has been the same, it never will be again. Goodnight my perfect Pan, sleep well my darling XXX

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01/09/94 - 18/10/14

No one leaves you when they live in you heart and mind, no one dies they just move to the other side, when you're gone, watch the world just carry one, we live on laughing and in no pain, we'll stay and be happy, with those who have loved us today

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Unknown - Unknown

my paris who died on saturday rip x

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14/03/95 - 16/07/04

Parsley was a beautiful tabby, so human-like. He greeted us every night after work; he slept under the duvet on my tummy; he came for walks with us; he lay at the foot of Charlie's bed for story time - we both nestled our feet in his fur; he hated for you to empty the dishwasher whilst he was eating breakfast; he looked after his new friend Sage; he loved the chickens; he hunted and ate hares; he lapped the milk from my cereal bowl when having breakfast in bed; I have never, ever known a feline like this little man. Killed tragically way before his time. Still very sorely missed

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18/05/13 - 12/03/20

Patch had to be put to sleep due to Cancer & Pancreatitis he was 6 & 1/2 yrs old he was a Beautiful Loving red dog with blue eyes I miss & love him so much it is so hard not having you here he died in my arms

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20/03/07 - 21/02/15

Remembering our beloved Patch you brought us such love and you got into such a lot of mischief . Chasing birds and butterfilies. Love you Little Man. Your Forever Mum and Dad. Sleep tight and run free at Rainbow Bridge with Misty and your new best friends.

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Patch and Paco

11/06/21 - 09/09/21

From the moment we hatched you both we fell in love. You both had your challenges but you fought so hard to lead a happy and healthy life. You were the best of friends and were loved by us unconditionally. We only had you for 3 months but they were the best 3 months of our lives. We are sorry we were not there for you in the end but your suffering is over now. Until we meet again, goodnight our beautiful girls. We love you.

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