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14/02/03 - 13/02/13

We will miss you big boy. We hope your keeping your bother Button company xxxxx

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Unknown - Unknown

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26/09/94 - 24/09/13

Miss you so much Webster you gave me 19 years of happiness RIP love you xx

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21/08/17 - 23/09/20

Dearest Wellington, our beautiful, soft, perfectly-formed, big, lanky, black tabby boy with only a few, sparse, white bits on your breast bone and a couple of white whiskas. We will never be lucky enough to find another you, that would be impossible because you were our Twiglet's baby. But it's nice to think of you and Bojo and baby Tabitha-Gracie having enormous fun in some other fantastically happy world whilst we are all still here trying to adjust to life without your wonderful presence in ours. Your passing was untimely and cruel and we just hope you know you were, and still are, completely cherished and adored, even when we've been a bit too busy or distracted to pay due attention. Absolutely, love without bounds. So night-night, sleep tight and thank you for choosing to share your utterly gorgeous self with us for the three years of your short life -and for the happy memories too. R.I.P. Dearest friend, 'til we meet again. Wellington, Wellie, Wellie-Bellie, Welbs, Mr Baby, Little Man b.21/08/2017 d.23/09/2020 His specialities were fully utilizing all his many scratching posts and platforms, finding boxes and containers of all sizes to sit in, and gratuitously kneading anything soft and plush -especially the living-room rug! He was great at chasing stringy, dangly things and brilliant with polishing off leftovers in the others' food bowls as well as licking drips from taps! Oh, and lap cuddles were just starting to come onto his horizons ... and he was quite heavy! A true Master of Innovation and Cuteness, par Excellence (MICE*).

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05/11/98 - 23/07/06

Miss you always my Baby Puss. xx

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08/10/01 - 31/10/16

To my beautiful Whisper. You have been my constant companion and best friend for 15 years and I have loved you every day of those 15 years and you have loved me back. You have brought us so much joy and happiness and always been such a wonderful dog. I think you have had the most wonderful life - lots of holidays every year in our caravan to our favourite places Hereford and Brean. You used to love to come. I'd start to pack up our stuff to go and as soon as we called you you'd be out and into the back of the car - until you got older and we had to lift you in. You've made us laugh with some of your little habits - you'd eat anything - bricks, ash, wood, cow pats! Ian has a permanent reminder of your mischief - I only took my eyes off you for a minute and you disappeared down the river bank, into the River Wye. We thought we'd lost you and Ian went down that bank at the speed of light - only his feet went from under him and when he tried to save himself by putting his arms out behind him, he damaged all his shoulder ligaments - he still can't put his collar down and it's been 18 months! Anyway, you were totally unaware of all the chaos you had caused (thank you to the lovely couple who helped us pull you back up the bank that day at Hereford) but you had obviously enjoyed your dip and came back out of the grasses on the side of the river as if nothing was wrong! When you wanted to go for a walk, you'd let me know by going and fetching my walking boot off the shoe shelf. You were so clever - you could tell me things without speaking. You had 15 beautiful puppies and we still hear from the people who came to choose them letting us know how they are getting on and asking about you. One of your puppies - Honey - was going to come and see you this weekend, but you couldn't wait - you were too poorly. I hope I didn't leave it too late to get the vet to come to our home for you - I tried to keep you as long as I could and I was thinking as long as you were eating and still going for a little walk then you were ok. But you were getting weaker and you weren't enjoying your life at the end. I hope you are running free in heaven without all your aches and pains and being able to breathe easy without getting out of breath. I am missing you so much and one day we will be together again, never to be parted. I will love you always and will never forget you.

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Whitey moo

08/05/08 - 08/02/22

our lovely rescue cat whitey who we have loved for over 10 years sadly passed away now over the rainbow bridge reunited with your sister fur baby gizzi loved by your human family Beverly your mummy Terry your daddy jason and melissa and missed by your fur baby sister rizzo brothers midnite and lexi

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17/05/09 - 20/02/24

You gave me so much in our almost four years together. Showed me the meaning of loyalty, friendship, unconditional love through some of my hardest times. I will forever miss your grumpy meow and your beautiful, knowing blue eyes. The way that you would follow me from room to room, and at night sleep beside my head. You were the softest, sweetest, most loving boy. Thank you for showing me such kindness. I know we will meet again. With all my love. Kisses and scritches to infinity.

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01/09/96 - 15/12/12

RIP my sweet Wilby - I will miss you so much - I know you had been ill for a long time, and that you are at peace now and not suffering anymore. I hope you find your big brother Sasha at the Rainbow Bridge and have fun together like you used to. Goodnight little man - miss you always xxxx

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Unknown - 20/01/12

To my darling William who I adopted from Cat Action Trust, Carmarthen on 25th September 2008. William had been abandoned by his owners because they were having a baby & thought he was unhygenic, he was approx 7 years old. William had been in care for a year & homed twice but people kept bringing him back. We adopted him & loved him for just over 3 years. William never had the best of health & we were always unsure of exactly how old he was. William passed away this January from a brain tumour, he is so missed. We'll see you again William at Rainbow Bridge. Love Mom & Pops xxx

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