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Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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04/07/04 - 29/11/14

To My Amazing Kacey, Thank you for the 10 wonderful years of loving me. It was too soon and sudden that you were taken from me. I miss you horribly and I know that one day soon, we'll be together again forever. You were always here for me. Your brother and sisters missed you too. I know that you're happy and no longer in pain and watching over us. Our little Angel. Momma loves you always.

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01/08/88 - 27/02/14

"Kacy" when we parted it broke my heart. It was so hard for me to watch you deteriorate so quickly, but when you looked at me, the way you did , I knew it was time. The last act of love I could do for you, was to set you free. My heart broke into a million pieces as you left, and I feel a part of me went with you. I will never forget the happy times we shared together. You taught me so much and I miss you every day. You taught my grand daughter Jessica, how to love and be loved by a horse. She loved and misses you too. I will never forget you and neither will Jessica or your little buddy "Ella Bella". So for now, run free on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Wait for me. RIP my sweet, sweet girl x x x x x

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05/11/98 - 17/04/12

They said you were the runt of the litter, but to me, you were so beautiful. You chose me, I remember how I felt a pair of little paws on my foot while I was saying hello to your brother, Solo. How could I leave you behind, the look in those big brown eyes said it all - please take me, too. You and your brother were inseparable, and you went to sleep just two months after he did. I still remember my last words to you as I stroked you -"your brother's waiting for you, go and find him" and I wept as I walked home alone. Sleep well, my lovely boy, and wait for me. I may get another dog one day, but there is an empty space in my heart that will never be filled.

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01/02/10 - 13/11/10

" KAI " Mafdet " Diplomat" Suddenly taken from us ! with us always ! we will tickle your tummy again we promise.

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28/02/01 - 12/09/11

You live on in my heart forever, rest in peace my angel until we meet again xx

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07/02/22 - 25/06/22

Karupanda, our beloved scaredy cat�-�even though you weren't that close to us like your sister and brother were I loved you to bits and pieces. I always wanted to pet and make you feel calm and comfortable but you were too scared to even come near us, but still I got my handful of chances to embrace you and I did it. It was all one of the most beautiful memory of you in my heart. I absolutely loved watching you all three play together and it would always stay as a core memeory in my heart forever�-� you were three, first you left us for a better world up there now rajathi too had to join you there😭�-�I hope you two are safe and happy up there or whether you both have reincarnated. I don't know if it's us that made you scared of humans or you yourself were like that from the very beginning. I'm sorry I couldn't look after you well 😭 you and rajathi both chose to die a lonely death which made my heart ache more than anything😭 I'm sorry I wasn't around to look at you for one last time while you left us. I'll always pray for your peace. Hope you and rajathi are up there together or seperately painfree, happy and without fear�-� I'll always pray for your peace. I love you and cherish your memories forever�-�🌍

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21/06/96 - 10/09/12

Kaspa you were a brave, mad lil man, our hearts are breaking right now 16 years just wasnt long enough, will miss you always sweetie <3 x x x Moose, Bonkerz, Popperz and Chicken are lost without you, please find Jelly at Rainbow Bridge she will be so pleased to see you, tell her i miss her every day as i will you, sleep tight my darling, love always, Mummy x x x

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01/01/10 - 26/09/17

A wonderful, moody, sly cat... Came to us after the difficult decision to get a new cat after a beloved old cat died. We had no time to process, she broke her back and died instantly falling from a cat climbing frame... We wish we'd found her sooner and stroked her more... X

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12/12/09 - 01/01/16

I Loving Memory of my precious Katie. She was so much more than a pet. She was my best friend, companion,daughter, and all around helper. She gave me more joy than even i can comprehend. She somehow amazed me everyday. Last December she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She amazed everyone and bravely endured the surgery and treatments. She kept fighting until January 20th 2016. And with dignity left this world to cross the Rqinbow Bridge. She passed in my arms in the living room. I will love and remember her always. i love yu Katie Whe it is my time to join you again come running into my arms. we will then be together always.

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Unknown - 15/12/09

Katie-Mae, My Golden Star, we had 4 years of love and laughter with you! always put a smile on someone's face with your silly little ways! Best Rescue Dog! so glad i went to the dogs home that day when i first saw you! you was so lovely! miss you and the memories of you will never fade xx

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