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Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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27/08/08 - 14/11/10

Odin was my life.

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05/07/14 - 31/08/17

Dear Olaf! My loving best friend... These past days without you has been the worst time of my life! I don't know what to do without you! You were the best friend any girl could wish for! You slept on my bed, walked to the shop with me, cuddled me and even jumped in the bath with me at times! You were my partner in crime! Wherever I was you wouldn't be far behind! It was love at first site when I first saw you! I came into the house and you wobbled over to me with your little tiny kitten legs! From that moment I knew you were going to be my best friend. I taught you to eat and use the litter tray. I comforted you when you left your mum and fed you to much food just because. Throughout the three years I had you we had so many memories. Summer in the garden having bbq's and you eating all of the chicken and of course sharing the ice cream! Winter nights cuddled by the the TV. You would come on walks around the village with me because you would never let me go alone. You would even be there when I got of the little villager bus. You hated saying goodbye to me and now it's my turn to say it to you and I just can't... You were the biggest fluff ball ever. I just wish you would FaceTime me like I did when I was away! Sorry you got taken to soon by an idiot driver! I love you forever bud!

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10/08/97 - 03/07/12

My beautiful cat my baby Oliver who sadly had to be put to sleep this was the hardest decision of my life that I have ever had to make. Will never forget you my little shinning star who was always there to greet me,checked on me when I went to bed, was the spokes cat for all my other cats for feeding times, loved to chat on a mobile phone and followed me about like a little sheep. You have left a massive pawprint hole in my heart and I feel blessed to have had you and proud that you where mine.Mummy will always love you sleep tight my beautiful baby and meows from Felix your best friend, Jasper and Jazz xxxxx

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14/10/96 - 01/01/13

My beautiful brave girl I miss you so so much and always will. Even now I can't believe your gone. Theres not a day that goes by that I don t think about you. I will never forget you or your sister Bramble. It was so hard to let you go my heart broke into a million pieces but I had no choice. I couldnt let you suffer. You have left so many memories that I treasure, thank you for 16 years of love and loyalty I LOVE YOU Ollie so very much. RIP my beautiful girl my best friend you ll forever be in my heart <3 <3 xxxxxx

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Unknown - Unknown

We all miss you baby'Stay strong:( - Poor ollie, was still early in his days when he got hit, that driver shud burn in hell and thats alot coming from a christian. I love you with all my heart baby boii!xxxxxxx

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20/05/09 - 09/12/12

my olly passed away so quickly i was on the way to the vets sunday and it was too late he was such a loving cat will always remember olly r.i.p

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Unknown - 16/11/13

My Dearest Onyx, Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you terribly. My life was enriched having you as a part of it. I love you forever and I will be with you again someday.

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01/07/96 - 22/06/10

My beautiful Oscar, missed every day x

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18/10/11 - 03/05/13

In memory of our beautiful gorgeous boy oscar. Although your life was cut short we will still miss you terribly you were our boy x goodnight oscar until we meet again at rainbow bridge xx daddy alan and daddy james xx

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15/06/20 - 20/03/21

Your life was cut short way to soon little guy. I'm sorry, you deserved so much more and I'm so crushed with the loss of you. There's an empty hole in my life that you used to fill and I don't know how to get over you leaving us so soon. I love you so much buddy and I'll always remember you. Until we meet again somewhere over the rainbow. RIP

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