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Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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07/04/09 - 23/05/20

My beautiful baby with amazing blue eyes. I can't believe you left me like this. Life has no color without you. You were my soul friend, my joy, my heart for 11 years. I wish there was a way to bring you back and never let you go. I miss you so much my sweet baby. I miss everything about you. Mommy loves you so much and will love you forever.

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Unknown - 10/03/08

my beautiful inca. my u rest in peace my gorgeous u n miss u very much.xxxx

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13/04/15 - 02/10/22

my little hard nut, who liked to clean peoples hair, even when they didnt want you to, but too scared to tell you no lol, i miss your following me everywhere, i miss your dramatic body flips, worse i can not get over how you were playing chase with me and then just died instantly in front of me, we tried cpr with tried everything but you were gone, i miss you so much. my crazy mate indi

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Unknown - 06/10/22

My side kick, my baby girl. Miss you so much love you forever Indie.

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01/01/03 - 21/03/12

my beautiful little girl, i miss you so much.the house isn't the same without you.wish you,d never had 2 go away.sleep well my darling fur baby.x

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Unknown - 25/08/10

Our beautiful and special angel, Iris. Came into our lives in January 2005 after being rescued by a local charity who found her living rough at the back of shop and with an eye infection (hence her name). I loved her from the moment I saw her. Just a few months after adopting her we nearly lost her to chronic bowel disease but she was a little fighter and bounced back. She also had asthma and allergies and was on steroids all her life but she was so happy and loved. Iris was the perfect cat - always purring or sat on our laps, she was no trouble at all and we adored her. After all she had been through, it broke our hearts when she was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour and we had to say goodbye to her after only five and a half years together. Her life may have been short but she couldn't have been more loved and treasured. We miss her every day and will always remember her - our sweet, irreplaceable Iris. xx

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12/12/11 - 27/02/19

I miss you more each day. You will always be my best girl

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Isolde or Catty

01/01/99 - 22/05/14

She was a lovely cat, originally from Carmarthen in Wales, where she was rescued from the streets. She came to live with me,and we shared her flat for 14 years. She was a sweetheart,and a real character. She agreed with me that it was a great priviledge to be able to buy her food and spoon it into her bowl. She wound me round her paw,and we both knew it.

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01/08/92 - 25/07/09

TO my gorgeous little boy, u were with me from 8 weeks old, and we never liked spending time apart, i miss you so much, so does Simba, i hope you know Mummy did everything she could to make sure you didn't suffer, i hugged you and you knew i was there, i think of you everyday, i love you my gorgeous little boy. xxxxx

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21/08/97 - 22/09/13

Our beautiful, big and cuddly boy, our gorgeous big lucky black cat, full of love for his family and with a major aversion for exercise, along with Scratchy, a huge part of our lives for 16 years. You fell asleep for always on Sunday the 22nd of September, at home in the arms of Dad, your best puddy buddy. Mum was with you too, both of them telling you not to be frightened and how very much you are loved. Your sister was reunited with you, for five months you were apart when she tragically passed away in April. You had been so unwell for the last few weeks,it was so hard to see our big chubby boy becoming weaker, not in pain, always wanting to be next to us but so tired and weak. I'd been hand feeding you and waiting on your every need as you became more weary, I would have done anything for you my beautiful boy, absolutely anything. Back in 1997 Dan close you, along with your beautiful sister Scratchy while he was on work experience at a veterinary practice. You were, along with your mum and another litter, abandoned in a bin liner by someone who for whatever reason, could not give you the start you deserved. The RSPCA found you though, and Dan was given the difficult job of socialising you all (i.e. Playing all day with a room full of kittens). You stood out as you fell fast asleep in your lit tray, what a character!! Scratchy stood out purely for her beauty in appearance and spirit. When you were big enough to be taken to your home, you were fussing and scenting us through the carrier!! For 16 years you have been our companion, softie, baby and loyal friend. Life without you is lonely, so much is missing, you filled our home and hearts with overwhelming feelings of love. I look for you always, I leave doors open for you, I leave the light on for you. I hug your carpet which brought you comfort the last couple of weeks. We are utterly and completely heart broken, we are so lucky to have each other to get through this. Itchy, you and Scratchy will never be gone, you are all around us, in the changing seasons, the air we breath and you are carried in our hearts for ever. I love you so much, now and for always Beth xxxxxxxxxxx

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