In this section, you will find an honour roll for all of our beloved companions listed in alphabetical order by the first name. Please click on the letters to see the memorials that have already been added.

Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

Animal friends that passed away within the last 3 years will also be remembered on our Facebook page. Please note that only memorials with a photo included and the date of death recorded can be shared on Facebook.




15/02/06 - 20/10/19

Untzy, you have no idea of how much you have given me; the joy; the laughter; the peace; the contentment; the zest for life. I will miss you forever. Til we meet again, Buddy, I Love you. See Untzy's Christmasses at or search "UNTZY" on YouTube. Other videos on YouTube are "Untzy's Bath Time" and "Untzy at Play"

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25/07/06 - 17/10/20

Babygirl, I can’t stop crying, I miss you so much, I just want to hold you one more time. I miss your soft fur your gentle kisses the way you made us laugh everyday for the last 14 years. Our lives have forever changed, our house is not a home anymore. Life is unfair, you should still be here with us. Like it says “ If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever” We will love you forever and miss you always, you are and always will be our baby girl “ Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again” Always and forever in our hearts, We love you our little crazy girl, Love Mom and Dad

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