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15/05/04 - 26/06/18

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12/04/02 - 28/11/13

My Darling Mac (Mackieboy) took his final journey today at 9.50 am and crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. He was my loyal companion,trusting and always by my side. He suffered a lot in the last 7 months beating Cancer only to find out his kidneys were failing. He went down hill very quickly in 4 days and today it was time to say Goodbye Mac. He went very peacefully in my arms when the vet came to the house and was very tenderly wrapped in a soft blanket and placed on the back seat of the car. Part of my heart has gone with him. He was a mummy's Boy I miss him so much. He is free from pain and discomfort now running with our other two Carrie and Candy.

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Unknown - 22/05/14

We got our girl Macy as a 9 year old rescue puss, and she was a much loved member of our family until she was 17. Unfortunately, we returned home recently to find that she had lost the use of her back legs. The vet diagnosed that she had a tumor on either her brain or spine, and it was time to say goodbye. She was totally unique and an absolute joy to be with - both despite, and because of, her idiosyncratic ways. She is missed immensely, and our home seems so empty without her demands for fuss or food, and general chatter. Sleep tight, gorgeous pusskin. You were one in a million.

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02/06/07 - 08/08/11

In memory of MadCat, who died all too young. I remember when my friend called me when I first moved into my own place, which excitingly allowed pets! Her cat had given birth to a litter of kittens, and you were one of them. She asked if I'd be interested, and how could I not be. I saw one picture of you and fell in love. I wanted a male cat, and before I knew you were male I knew you were mine. I was so excited every time we would go to her house. I'd cuddle you and hold you from the time you were just brand new. You were so cute and vocal. I'll never forget the time you ate a mouse your mother had caught while the other kittens ate dry food. You had blood droplets on your whiskers! I was so excited to bring you home that I bought everything I needed for you before you ever came home. I spoiled you rotten! You were so cute when you would play with your bed and flip it upside down to make it into a house and hide in there with a stuffed kitten that was the same size as you. I remember how even up until you got sick, you would take toys and put them in peoples shoes, or dig in your toybox and carry feathery toys to the rug by the door and mess it all up playing with your toys in the rug. I never expected you to die so young, and it hurts like hell. I'm trying to be strong, but some days its worse than others. I know I will get used to it over time, and I'll probably get another cat, but I'll never ever get over you, and I'll never ever forget you. Mom and Dad are sending me some of your ashes inside a necklace, so now you can come with me on all my adventures for the rest of my life. I love you MadCat. I await the day we are reunited. You are forever remembered, and forever missed by all of us in your family - Mom, Dad, Erin, Allie, Dj and the other cats Cleo, Georgie and Pharaoh.

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Unknown - 12/02/21

Do you believe at love at first sight? I do, because the bond between me and Maddie was. Since she got home with us from the cattery, she never left my side. Following me around 24/7, meowing and chirping around with her sassy looks. And I never left hers, whenever I was gone from the house I was looking forward to come back home to her. Two beings in symbiosis, in perfect love and perfect trust. Maddie was my best friend, my rock, the anchor to my sanity in the past 8 months. It didn't matter if I had been stuck in my own house since last year without the possibility of seeing my beloved ones, if covid was raging outside, how shitty the day was at work or if I was shaking with anxiety... She was there, always giving me a reason to smile and unconditional love. And I never felt so lucky, so thankful in my entire life. My heart is swollen with gratitude. See you again one day, my sunshine.

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20/01/02 - 09/12/11

Our baby girl maddie this is so hard we miss you so much. it hurts you was the love of our life and always will be. im sorry we had to let you go we had no choice you was not yourself my baby your mind was so full of youth and you knew how much we loved you but that horrible cancer finally got to you you couldnt walk no more and l knew you wasnt happy but you tried so hard .when we had to take you to the vets it broke my heart l hope you understood we cuddled you right till the end but you still tried so hard to fight it right till the end when you finally took your last breath .you was staring in to my eyes baby l can still see you now my darling .hope you are ok till we meet again rip beautiful girl always in mummys and daddys heart never to be forgotten love from mummy daddy hayley lauren grace and charlie xxxxx

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23/05/97 - 04/02/14

Our beautiful cat Madge was put to sleep on 4 February. She was almost 17 and we had her since she was a 12-week old kitten. We can't really explain the sense of loss but we also feel happy that she had such a priviledged life. She has left her pawprint on our hearts. xx

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Unknown - 04/10/10

They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as we are called one by one, the chain will link again.

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Maisie Moo

29/07/11 - 06/12/12

To our beautiful, precious princess, Maisie Moo, stolen from us today by a hit and run driver, way way before your time. A gorgeous little girl who loved to get into bed between us for cuddles, who had the loudest purr we've ever heard, who loved to play with her special bedraggled toy mouse by throwing it up and catching it, who ruled the roost over her brother who is twice her size, who woke us up many times in the middle of the night for playtime, who had the cutest, quietest meow that was often barely a squeak, Maisie we love and miss you so much baby girl, I'm still hoping I'll wake up from this horrible dream. Until we meet again one day sweetheart, mommy and daddy send all of their head munches and nose butts xxxxxx

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01/01/72 - 28/06/12

Goodnight and god bless little one. No needles you passed in your sleep and for that I'm grateful

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