In this section, you will find an honour roll for all of our beloved companions listed in alphabetical order by the first name. Please click on the letters to see the memorials that have already been added.

Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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Unknown - 02/03/18

We will always remember you, our sweetpea Ebony. You came to us in January 2014 when the rescue decided you were well enough to get adopted out, your problems meant you needed someone who would take time to keep your health stable. The vet didnt think you had more than 2 years left, due to your health problems, you had double that with us before you started having fits and went into the vets, the 2nd March was the last time you went into the vets and passed away in my arms when we had to let you go.

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15/11/03 - 15/08/15

You will always be my sweet Ebony, the most loving and giving little girl. You were always there, with your love and sweetness. When I was sad or sick you were there, you were there for your sisters. When you were sad or sick, I was there. I would do anything for my baby and when you had to leave, my heart broke, but I know you will be with me in spirit. I love you always mom

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01/10/97 - 04/07/13

unfortunately echo had cancer and seriouslyneeded to be put down! she was a loving cat and we all loved her dearly!! she will be in my heart forever and yesterday was the first day from what I remember of her not being being there<3 love you my stincy minky!!!

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13/09/02 - 26/01/11

Why did you have to go and die? I don't want to have to say goodbye. God must have thought you were special to take you away, but couldn't he have waited for another day? God’s looking after you now, High, high up in the sky. Up there where all the angels lie. You wouldn't have wanted me to make a fuss, After all, you're still down here with all of us. Just because I can't see you, doesn't mean you’re not here. I know you are somewhere very, very near. I love you so much but it time to say: Goodbye My Friend Because your life here on earth has come to an end. Rest in peace, Echo xxx Goodbye echo :( its been a year,9 months,5 days and about an hour since you left ;.;

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14/07/95 - 27/12/12

R.I.P. Squeak, i remember the day you were born such a cute little kitty you had so much character we will never forget you it was a shock that you had gone unexpected love you from us all xxxxxx

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26/11/00 - 23/03/14

My precious baby girl... You gave me more than 13 years of your love, only wanting the same in return. I miss you and your brother so much, but I will see you again one day. Mummy xx

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15/09/09 - 29/07/12

Clipse our little crisp eater i have no one to share with any more i saw you fight for your life due to that nasty dog he should never have attacked you you should still be here with us there are so many black cats around here and all i think about is you. We had a little black kitten given to us he meows like you did all the time we miss you clips and love you loads look after all the babies for us and come visit some day and bring them with you xxx

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10/10/16 - 15/11/22

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” �" Anatole France I miss you so much �'"�'"�'"

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03/04/01 - 27/02/17

My beautiful, loving, gentle boy has passed over the rainbow bridge into the next world. No words can express how much my Eddie will be missed.Forever in my heart and mind, gorgeous boy xxxxx

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01/01/91 - 01/03/11

My friend Edith, one of Irelands oldest cats, sadly missed.

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