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30/06/99 - 05/07/13

to my darling Sadie,,,,,missing you like crazy been so lost without you the house is so empty,,,,,,so want you back here with us,,,we had many happy years together and you gave us so much pleasure,,,,,,i know you are not suffering anymore but the pain hasn't gone away from us losing will always be in our thoughts and hearts forever,,,,,,,,,R I P MY LOVELY SWEET FANTASTIC GIRLxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Sai Sai

Unknown - Unknown

Thank God for letting u to be w/ us. Miss u

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04/03/93 - 15/03/11

My darling Sake, taken by a sudden stroke after coming through so much. I miss your paw on my shoulder. Holding your little head as you passed over I will see you in Heaven my angel boy. xxxxx

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Unknown - 07/01/13

Today we lost an amazing cat, we only had you a short while but you touched so many hearts. Sleep well my old boy and see you again someday xxxxxx

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01/05/91 - 08/10/03

It will take time to heal- For the silence to go away. I still listen for you, And miss you every day. You were such a great companion, Constant, loyal and true. My heart will allways wear, the pawprints left by you. R.I.P. till we meet again. XXXX

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08/05/01 - 06/01/12


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04/05/95 - 19/12/12

Sally had been ill for a few weeks(she'd lost so much weight and lost her appetite > she used to be a big cat) She was found to have liver failure/tumour - She had been there all my life - she was older than me (17) I miss sally a lot - she had lovely markings..she used to give me pedicures (lick my feet) whilst sitting at the table and we used to nose-nudge. <-- Good times, Sal. I'm going to miss you so much beautiful, sleeptight. We never wanted to see you go, never. We didn't want you to suffer. Love you Forever Sally <-- my last ever words to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3 4th May 1995 ~ 19th December 2012. It will have been a year very shortly since I lost you beautiful, I still think of you every day and you still hold a huge place in my heart, whenever I see photos of you it makes me well up with tears. I miss that little sweet face of yours and the constant sound of your purring. Hope your sleeping peacefully and hope you've made lots of new friends at Rainbow Bridge. I love you Sally and still miss you to this very day ~x~x~x~

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Unknown - 06/01/13

My beloved adorable dog Sally, my best friend, my shadow, my everything for almost 14 years, I miss you so much sweetheart and wish that you were still here with me, you will always be so very sadly missed and will remain in my heart forever, RIP sweetheart, love you always xxx xxx xxx

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06/08/18 - 04/12/22

Salma, you were such a gentle, innocent, and sweet soul. People and dogs who were lucky enough to meet you, fell in love with you. We will never forget the love and joy you gave us. From you, we learned that sweetness and love are a treasure we can offer others. You loved hiking so much that we can only hope you are somewhere running free and happy with other doggies. You were the light of our lives and we will miss you forever. A bit of her story: She was a rescue and, although we don't know her real date of birth, we gave her one based on what the people who found her told us and the vet's estimation of her age. She had been abandoned in a box with her 2 sisters and one of them was hit by a car. We did not pick her up but, instead, let the puppies decide who would come to us. Salma came with no hesitation... she was meant to be with us. She was not very lucky with her health as she had polycythemia, but she certainly had a very beautiful life full of happiness and love.

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21/03/16 - 30/07/16

For my darling baby Sam: sorry you could not have been with us longer. You were loved so much. We shared a lot of fun in your short life. Miss you so much. Thank you for your unconditional love, and the joy you brought to us. Sleep tight my sweet little man. Love you. xxx

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