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Unknown - 21/07/14

My darling sweet baby TC, It has been a year of misery and pain. sorrow beyond grief! I miss you so much. When you first entered our lives you were the most mischievous lively kitten I have ever known. You loved water, a dripping tap, a bath which you constantly fell into since you insisted in joining me every time I went for a soak! Yet you hated the rain. You loved the outdoors, climbing trees, and exploring. Yet you were afraid of other people, and didn't venture out that much. You loved chasing shadows, and would chase a laser for hours tirelessly, yet you also loved your own space and would sit in the spare room for hours. Most of all you loved us and there was not one moment of any day that we didn't love you in return! You loved all your furry family, but lucky was your best pal! I miss you so much my angel twinkle paws! The tissler! You passed from this earth on the 21st of July 2014. The worst day of my life. There are sure to be angel cats crying for you on Rainbow bridge. I would give anything to have you back again, playing happily with your brothers and sisters and rushing over to comfort me when you hear me singing very badly as you clearly believed I was in pain. I have not sung since then, and when I do it will be for you. I love you and miss you eternally, 5 years was so young to lose you to pancreatitis. I will never forgive myself for not taking you to the vet sooner. I wish I had realized. Until we meet hopefully again RIP sweet TC x

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Unknown - Unknown

Tabitha, you were our world, such a cheeky, youthful, kitty cat. We all loved you dearly and were shocked that you had to be taken from us at such a young age. Knowing your playfullness, you probably used up all of your 9 lives anyway!!! :) Of course we mourned for you but we realise that we must get on with our lives, it's what you would have wanted. Rest in peace Tabitha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Unknown - 10/10/11

My Dear Tabitha, We may have a such a short time together but in those months you braught love joy and happiness to us all, You ran around all day playing with your toys & the other family cats, you jamp all over the furniture and we laughed but soon we noticed you no longer did this, you no longer played with your toys. Tabitha you were 11 months old when we had to say goodbye to you, I think of you everyday and smile my sweet and precious baby xxx

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21/08/17 - 27/10/17

Tabitha, too special to remain amongst us, dearest darling kitty that bewitched everyone at first sight /first meeting, go in peace to be with your poor no.2 brother Black Pudding who lost his own battle on day one, before even taking his first breath. We shall hold you both precious in our hearts and trust the time will come when we all meet again. There are twelve cats and kittens keeping you company under this tree: Pooka, Marmalade, Effie, Effie's brother Tiger, Thomas, Li'l Red, Chubster, Jellicle, Orry, Molly, Lupin and Black Pudding -in approximate order of departing this world. Go play amongst them, learn lots, have fun, tell them we love them still and think of them often, along with our many other kitty friends from before. We came here. They will all look after you because they were special too. Now joined with our gorgeous Bojo and your dear brother Wellington, . Xxxxxxxx

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16/05/92 - 08/08/03

Thank you for being a wonderful friend, staying with me through good times and bad and never loosing that spirit of adventure.

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19/09/99 - 20/10/14

Dear, brave Tabzee.Had rear leg amputated aged 12 years ( Cancer) and stayed with me another 3+ years.Beautiful temperament, loved all cats,dogs and humans.A very special girl.You have left your pawprints on my heart.

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20/12/96 - 31/05/15

farewell one of my best friends we will be together again one day, until then my eternal love goes with you r.i.p xx

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24/11/99 - 09/04/10

In loving memory of our precous black Labrador Talla,we rescued him at 18 months old he was a wonderful pet miss you always my friend. love Mum Robert and Sean xxx

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25/06/96 - 30/01/10

We all still miss you soooooooooooooo much! Love you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots forever and always xxxxxxxxxx

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18/05/87 - 18/04/04

Tammy was hand reared by me from eight days old along with her sisters Dinky and Tigger. She was not an affectionate cat, very straight laced, a bit like a posh elderly lady most of her life. She used to love sitting on the windowsill watching the lightening during storms. She was put to sleep after a massive fit a month short of 17 years old. A grand old lady.

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