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30/04/14 - 24/06/14

In loving memory of foster kitten Radar , We are so sad you didn't make it thru your surgery, your brothers are fine, and we will find them good homes. will never forget you. You were so sweet, and such a brat at the same time.. The smallest, but boldest of the 3.. If there is such a thing as the afterlife/heaven or rainbow bridges, i know you are there, and i will come get you, when it is my time.. rip little buddy. Beetle has been adopted! and Ollie is still here with us.. we may adopt him ourselves! update- Ollie has been adopted by a very loving family. we do miss him tho..

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01/01/08 - 04/02/13

my beloved Rain, how I miss you, words cant describe the pain, i wish i could turn the clock back and kiss you once more, wait for me with your son, i will see you all soon, all my love mummy xxxxx

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07/02/22 - 17/07/22

Rajathi, the bravest girl,me and amma misses you every single day we loved you so much to the point we couldn't bear your lose. We have no idea how and why you left us so soon but i hope right now you're in a safe place happy and painfree. You gave us so many unforgettable beautiful memories we will always remember it and hope you do too. No matter whether you're in heaven or reincarnated I hope you're happy and painfree. Poonachu is safe with us, he misses you every single day. Don't worry we'll take care of him well. Sorry i couldn't do anything to you while you were here. Sorry for the all the scolding you had to endure while you were here. Im sorry we left you to die alone all by yourself I couldn't protect you😭😭I wish I did many things for your happiness while you were here with me. I'm regretting it.You left us without a goodbye. We'll always love you forever, Our time together and your beautiful memories will always be remembered�'-🌍 Prayers for your peace and happiness�'-🌍 My beloved Rajathi🌍�'-

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20/05/02 - 24/08/18

You may have gone and left us sad, But Ralf our little old black lad, You will stay in our hearts every day So at Rainbow bridge be Young and play Until we are reunited once again one day.

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12/05/14 - 06/10/17

Ralph, we love you so much! No dog ever had enough love and attention then you did, Ralbie! Everyone loves Ralph, Cassie Loves Ralph, Coral loves Ralph, Mommar loves Ralph, G-dad loves Ralph, Auntie Mae loves Ralph. Ted loves Ralph! You are everything to Ted, he couldn't have had a better brother. You raised him Ralph. You did such a good job. Oh Ralph, I hope your happy up there and you are at peace and healthy, and playing with other dogs. I hope you can wait a while for us to see you again. I can't wait to see your eyes light up and you smile again and roll on your back for chest. I will think of you everyday. You couldn't have been with a better family Ralph, we gave you the best family you could ever have wished for. I know you know that. I want you to be happy Ralph. Our lives will never be as happy as when you were in it. Ralph! I love you so much Ralph. Best dog ever! Most handsome dog, smartest dog, most loving dog, just the best dog ever, and you know that Ralph. Love you so much, words can't describe it Ralph - love Cassie. x. x. x.x x. x. x. x

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Unknown - 03/07/16

Well what can i tell you about this boy the story starts with him being found on the streets abandoned unloved unwanted due to christmas & new year his 7 days were shortened & he was facing death but he was rescued taken to Gloucester & in January i drove the miles in rain & wind to Swindon to bring him to his foster home in Kent. he became my shadow he was my sidekick & im sure he was sent to heal me....then the day in April came when he got his forever home. a home not too far away a home where he had many many adventures & was loved by all who encountered him. Ralph loved his "mum" Rolanda his "brother" Jon, & Shaun & Corrine who all had the love of him & of course me. last week he was taken ill but sadly the vet couldnt see what we knew...he wasnt right....after a dash to another vet it was discovered he needed an operation & late last week he had it. after a wonderful weekend with his family & i Ralph suddenly died,surrounded by those who loved him the most. 3 years & a few wonderful months to be loved adored & cherished meet you at Rainbow our special special boy Rest in everlasting peace

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09/03/10 - 16/09/21

Our dearest Ralph, It's been 6 days since we had to say goodbye, you are missed so much words won't do justice. When you came into our lives 11 years ago you brought us all together, your parting gift was to bring us together once again. We miss you fella but you'll always be with us in spirit and in our hearts. We will meet again in paradise and run and play tug together. Love is forever and so is our bond. Run free...

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01/04/05 - 17/11/10

Ralph came in to the vet hospital where I was working as a stray following a road traffic accident. I adopted him (a familiar story!) and for 2.5 years he was a great companion; gorgeous, adorable, affectionate and a toilet brush for a tail! Sadly Ralph met with another accident and this time he did not survive. This site was my way of acknowledging his importance and providing a place for others like me to express their love and grief. "Death ends a life, not a relationship." RIP my little man.

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Ralph (aka: Ralphy)

16/12/97 - 22/09/12

My One, My Only, My Everything. I miss your touch, you smile but most of all your companionship. I hope in heaven you get all the treats you deserve. I miss you deeply and want you back. You protected us for 16 years and we didnt want the vet to put you down but it was out of our hands. I hope you understand. I love you. R.I.P RALPH

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Unknown - 20/07/08

As we Gaze At the Stars,Those That Have left Us gaze back ! Mammy misses you so much ,My little Girl Who Sleeps With The Angels

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