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Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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18/09/07 - 12/06/11

my little soul mate think about you all the time...your paw prints will forever be on my heart love you loads mum xxx

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Unknown - 16/09/12

Dear Tubby, We loved you when you first chose us. Five years with you was not enough though we never knew how old you really were. You were very ill and we did what we thought was the right thing to do. I hope you can forgive me it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my 60 years on earth. My heart is broken, I miss you every day. You will be in my heart forever. Sweet dreams Tub. Daddy Colin.

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Unknown - 29/09/13

A sweet black and white mouse with a shy disposition and the softest coat. Sister to Blossom

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Unknown - 24/08/05

It's been years since you and your siblings passed away, but I still think about you guys, and the laughs you gave me. I love you so much, even after all these years. You were the best turtles in the whole world, and you'll be always in my heart. Take care of your brother Milo for me, okay? Love, mamma.

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Unknown - 31/01/21

My sweet Tuxie, I miss you so much. I miss you laying on my feet while I am sitting in my chair. I miss you sitting in my chair. I miss you lying beside me as I sleep. I miss you following me downstairs. I feel so bad that I had to have you put down but I didn't want you to suffer. You were only 12 years old. I love you sweet Tuxie forever and always. I miss seeing you on my bed my beautiful boy...

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Unknown - 10/09/13

Twiggy was a lovely rabbit and I am glad to have known him. He was always enthusiastic and loved nothing more than snuggling up with his best friend Jared, munching on lettuce. He hated tomatoes, and would throw them at anyone who dared give him them. Jared and I miss him very much. We bought them both in 2009, around April/May, and so they had always lived together.

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Unknown - 31/03/15

Dear little Twiglet, our rescued feline friend, with a loud voice and such a sensitive nature. Why you died so young is still a mystery and will remain so. We miss you still and always will. RIP little puss.

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Unknown - 18/12/01

Sweetest little dog ever. Always happy and wanting to play! Had seven happy years with her. Even though it was years ago I still miss her so much. Love you xxx

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Unknown - 20/10/11

Twinkle my little bundle of fur, i'm gonna miss you more than you'll ever know, and your brother Bo is gonna miss you terribly too, life just isn't gonna be the same without you. this wasn't the plan, the 3 of us should of been escaping to a new life in the new year and now your gone, we nearly made it kitten, we nearly made it.Me and Bo just don't know what to do anymore, 2 years old we should still be together. I love you so much. Rest in peace my lovely

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Twinkle Fernandes

28/02/97 - 20/01/12

He was Aslan. The purest Soul there is. Always a protector of the other pets and a complete Mummy's boy. He is my Best Friend, my Son and I love him more than anything. Twinkle has left the biggest hole in my heart and is missed every second of the day

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