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25/07/00 - 24/01/14

Toby, Words cant express our deepest feelings of loseing such a beautiful boy, We had so much pleasure of haveing you from when you was a tiny kitten to present day, My heart feels as though it has been ripped out of me, But yet i know it was the right thing to do to let you go as you couldnt breath properly, Your at peace now my Darling Boy, Run Free Now at The Rainbow Bridge with your Big Sister Chloe, untill we meet again R.I.P Toby x x x

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04/07/03 - 29/04/21

Our beautiful Toby Tumpkins. Father of six adorable, unplanned puppies with his companion Sophie. We kept this amazing family. Toby was a super father. We all miss him so much.

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24/08/01 - 05/05/13

you were by my side for nearly 13 yrs and i cant express how much i miss and love you my life will never be the same without you my baby boy you were included in everything we did as a family and you loved christmas its going to be hard this year without you not a day goes by when we dont think about you or say your name because you were right in the middle there of everything we did i know one day we will be together again and i can give you big hugs and kisses have fun over the rainbow bridge little man until we are together again xxxxxx

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19/09/89 - 21/01/08

In loving memory of our darling Todd, our very first cat who I got as a wedding present for my husband. Todd was Daddy's boy & we both loved him very much. Todd died of old age at the grand age of 18 years old. We still talk about you our little Prince & we miss you every day. Mom & Pops xxx

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19/03/99 - 09/12/11

Loved and missed so much - Our Darling TOFFEE - Forever in our Thoughts - Life will never be the same without you - such a pretty girl with a nature to match - God Bless xxxxx

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Unknown - 10/07/10

My old man, my beautiful boy. I long to feel your breath warming my neck on a cold winter's day, and feel the touch of your head to my back when you have walked up behind me. I miss the gentle whicker of greeting when I walked up to you in the field, or the shout of "Good Morning Mum" if you were in your stable first thing. I miss the healing you gave me, the feel of your coat and absolutely everything about you. The love and heartache never goes, it transcends everything. I miss you and love you Toff, and I look up to the night sky to see you race across the heavens and know I will see you again x x x

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Tokyo Boo

26/04/07 - 06/06/14

In loving memory of my baby boy, Tokyo Boo 26.4.2007 - 06.06.2014, Aged 7 This little guy didn't have a single piece of bad in him. He was a sweet little lad who had his funny little ways, too many to type them all, but I will a few. He loved to have his belly rubbed, but not just anywhere, it had to be in the bathroom of our home. If anyone was using the bathroom, he would be most aggrieved. When I was poorly he never left my side. He used to play fetch with his favourite crinkle ball. He played div at idiot hours of night. And then when he was done, he used to sleep on my bed. When I wake up in the night, I always gave him a cuddle and told him how much I loved him. When I told him that he was mummies little good boy (which was many times a day) he would purr his little socks off. I am consumed with grief, guilt and remorse, because on Friday 6th June 2014 I saw him out in the back garden (I never let him out the front). 10 minutes later my neighbours were knocking at my door. He had been run over. He didn't survive. Blood pouring from his head, ears, nose and mouth. My little lamb was left in the middle of the road, the person who did this to him, didn't stop. It was right outside my house. I absolutely idolised him, my life is no longer the same. My tears for him are constant.

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Tollie (Ptolomy)

01/08/08 - 29/11/18

Velvet paws and velvet ears Jet black shiny nose Big blue eyes and soft black toes -that was Tollie At his own speed he went about, Plodding on his way, Never hurrying, never fast -that was Tollie Cuddles were his favourite thing, He’d spend hours on your lap, Leaning firm against your tum, -that was Tollie He’d stretch out in the summer sun, As long as he could go, And sleep and sleep and dream and dream -that was Tollie He loved food of every kind, From cheese to spaggy bol Treats never even ‘touched the sides’ -that was Tollie. He graced our home for 10 good years, Much more than we dared hope As pectus excavatum meant Restricted lung space A personality as big as his Was surely meant to be He filled our lives with love and fun -that was Tollie!

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Unknown - 18/10/10

Tom emerged from a garden, as I rushed down my road, on the way to the chemist before it closed for lunch, on 29th July 2010. He followed me, meowing all the way, to the end of the road. I asked two people on the way if they knew whose cat he was, they didn't. He was Tabby, skinny, looked old & wasn't wearing a collar. I didn't want him near the busy road, so I turned back thinking he'd just go into his own garden on the way back up the road. He followed me, meowing, to my front gate, not pausing at all except for fusses from me and to rub round my legs. Now too late for the chemist, I decided to go indoors, the cat would go then. I opened the street door showing our dog at the top of the stairs, which I climbed, definately not expecting the cat to follow me, which he did! Past the dog and into the kitchen where I fed him some of our cat's food. He readily scoffed it, not put off at being sniffed by Blaze! He went to sleep on one of the dogs' beds and stayed! He was my third soul mate, followed me everywhere he could, slept curled up into my stomach every night. His identity chip showed he'd been adopted from Foal Farm. The owner, from Charlton, never replied to their calls and I readily became Tom's foster 'mum' as the sanctuary was full. He was 14 yrs old, had a Thyroid illness and how he came to have travelled so far I'll never know! Tom woke me one morning, crying, he looked dreadful. At the vet, I was told he was near his end and as he was having difficulty breathing, it would be kinder to have him PTS. A lady from the Cats Protection League told me the stray cats search out someone to help them. I'll be forever gratefull that dear, sweet, precious Tom chose me and I'll always miss him.

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05/06/05 - 06/04/08

One of the hardest decisions is made out of love. We miss Tom every day and his brother Jerry stays with us still to remind us of him. R.I.P. 5 years have not healed the pain.

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