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Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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02/06/08 - 19/03/14

Tessa passed away in my arms I will never forget her she was my baby had to have her put down becoz off my ex he bit her just to get bk at me so ever time she heard a noise she thought it was him coming bk so she ran in to the bk door to try and kill her self

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Unknown - 24/08/07

For my lovely Tom, such a wonderful boy. You were 20 when you passed to spirit, now no longer FIV positive, blind or deaf. Miss you lots my old fluffy tummy boy. xx

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Unknown - 05/11/05

8 Years since my beloved Thomas passed away. I had him since I was 6, he was my best friend and he meant the world to me. My heart broke the day he went to the Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by when I don't think of you my boy. I know that you are watching over us now especially little Bo who we only got recently. You are irreplaceable sleep tight my darling boy until we meet again. x x x x x x x x

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21/02/02 - 06/08/13

In loving memory of my beautiful, sweet and gentle polydactyl Thumbs, who passed away after an illness bravely borne. A sweet and gentle soul, who never hurt anyone of anything. You showed such courage and never complained of the pain you must of suffered. My heart broke the day I lost you and its never repaired. I think about you everyday and shed tears for you. My beautiful brave boy, I will love and miss you always, until we meet again. Play happily at the Rainbow Bridge, run free my baby, love you always Mommy xxxxx

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01/12/08 - 21/12/11

Remembering my little princess tia, who was taken from me 2yrs ago age 3.miss you darling so much such a sweet little girl,tragically taken from me either knocked by a car or severely kicked, as her diaphragm was pushed to one side. Run free now darling over rainbow bridge with kissy,sooty tina and smarty. Love you all. A young life taken so soon.xxxx

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02/09/03 - 01/10/17

My lovely girl Tia, sadly beaten by cancer. Greatly missed by us all, and her special friend Toffee the cat, who is looking everywhere for her. Tia is now reunited with her mum Ruby, dad Ozzy, brother Jeep and her partner's in crime, Bracken and Fern. Run free lovely girl, such a brave girl. You'll never be forgotten.

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21/10/97 - 04/07/12

Not a day goes by thst we dont miss or think about you x love and miss you loads and until we meet again x you're 2 dads x daddy alan and daddy james xx

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Unknown - 16/04/12

Miss you more than words can say my little girl. You will always be tucked in my heart.

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01/01/89 - 03/02/12

god bless you my old were with us for 23 years n wish you could have been here for in peace old you

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01/05/96 - 19/05/16

My sweet little Tico, fell asleep at the great age of 20 - thank you for being such a big part of my life, I will love you forever xx.

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