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02/03/96 - 13/08/11

My wonderful boy Named Tim is sadly missed. His was with me though all my good times and bad since he was 8 weeks old. I miss his cuddles and purrs and his company. He was with me from before I had children, and when they did come along he was never any bother and accepted them as well as another cat into our family. There may now be 2 other cats with us, but Tim will always be with us too. He had a long happy life, but a sad ending. His now no longer in pain and passed away in my arms. I kissed him goodbye and thanked him for being my best friend. Sleep well my wonderful boy Tim.

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01/04/04 - 11/09/16

Mams Boy. I had never had a dog until Timmy. I was always a cat person. Timmy was in need of a home when he was around six and half years old and I was asked if I would consider him. I said I would give it a trial run for a couple of weeks to see how it goes. Oh Boy! He got his paws well and truly under the table. From day one he ruled the house and we loved it. He expected us to throw his kibble across the kitchen floor for him to chase at least 10 times before he would settle and eat it. It was plain that from the start he expected to sleep in the bedroom with me. He would start off in his own bed but always ended up next to me. At bedtime he had to choose a teddy of his liking to take to bed. All I had to say is "ready for bed" and he would look over his "stash" and choose the teddy of his choice. He had a favourite, a chewed, drooled on little rabbit. All my slippers, socks etc were his and they ended up in his stash of toys. He was loved beyond belief and totally spoilt. I had six fantastic years with this absolutely adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I was smitten from the start. I fell in love. In April he had to start heart meds for the heart valve problems this breed have. Apparently he was doing well to get to twelve without meds so all good so far. He looked and acted like a two year old. Two weeks ago he became unwell. Upset tummy, listless. A trip to the vet and we were told he had an infection. A course of treatment and he started to improve for a few days. Then. He took a turn for the worse. Took him in to emergency vets on Saturday afternoon. His heart was way worse and the infection could not be stopped, whatever it was. Tests after tests and every type of drugs tried but he was suffering.By Sunday teatime I had to make the dreaded decision. How life can change in two weeks. I held my boy in my arms to the end and told him what a good boy he is and how much I love him. Devastated. An empty hole where my heart should be. He was my one and only and the thought of another day without my boy is unbearable. The funniest, sweetest most beautiful creature God ever put on this earth. Mams Boy. Love you forever.xxxxxxxx

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Timmy Thomason-Bean

Unknown - 06/07/12

I love you Timmy you were my brother for 15 years, the only reason I have got through your loss is because you left your sister, Lucky behind, we miss you so much and always will. It hurts every day you have left a hole in my heart that will never leave. I hope you r.i.p in heaven and have lots of cat treats. All my love, Megan x x x x

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13/05/10 - 03/09/11

Beloved and constant companion. I will miss your cuddles, your purrs and your unconditional love.

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20/11/04 - 19/06/16

Tinkerbell was a tiny scrap of a kitten when we brought her home at the end of November 2004. She was very affectionate and was so small she could sit in the palm of my hand. She would sit on our shoulders and try to steal food from our forks when we tried to eat! She grew up to be a feisty and independent lady. Affection was on her terms but she was everyone's friend if she thought they were going to feed her. Tinkerbell developed liver problems last year but was doing ok until a couple of weeks ago. She went drastically downhill over the weekend and on Saturday night she gave me the look that said she could fight no more. On Sunday 19th June at 10.30, with the help of a compassionate vet and nurse, Tinkerbell took her final journey. We stayed with her until the end, telling her what a beautiful and brave girl she was. My heart is broken into pieces. I will miss her forever ♥

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07/07/99 - 10/02/15

Dearest Tinkerbell, you are gone but will never be forgotten, I love you Baby Girl, for ever in my heart and soul

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04/08/93 - 10/02/10


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04/07/99 - 09/01/12


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Unknown - 30/12/08

my favourite girl loved and missed xoxoxoxoxox

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06/10/01 - 18/01/16

Remembering my beloved Tiny on your first anniversary.With me everyday in my heart.Lots of love xxx

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